Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zanesville - NWS Traveling Exhibition

The National Watercolor Society traveling exhibition is presently at the Zanesville Art Center in Ohio. We visited today and were very impressed by the museum, and pleased to meet with the Director, Susan Talbot-Stanaway - a true watercolor fan!

It was nice to see the sushi painting again, and other paintings by Guan Weixing, Cheng Khee Chee, Carole Pickle, Donna Zagotta, Frank Webb, Frank Francese, and many others.


joel said...

awwww. i remember when my daughter (Amelia) was that age. they grow so soon.

fortunately Amelia is still one of my biggest fans!

-- Joel.

sandra flood said...

It is such a great painting Nick and your "girls" are so beautiful too!

Nick said...

Joel, growin' like a weed, I can't keep up. Larissa told me the other day she likes her paintings better than mine. :)

Sandra - I know you're another square ptg fan, just saw a new killer one on your blog. You're a badass!!