Friday, July 10, 2009

Kanji #2

Kanji #2

This one is based on the first in the series, but distorted and cropped to fit the different format. It seemed the bamboo didn't really need to be "painted" and the whites (all whites are the paper) balanced the design. Da Vinci on Fabriano hot press, 31" x 44" (79 x 112 cm).


Sandeep Khedkar said...

Hi Nick
This has a great color scheme and the whites contrast the other colors very well!!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Like the way you're pushing the design elements. Very striking and eye catching, too!

Billie Crain said...

Interesting and I mean that in a good way. The central element looked like leopard skin to me when I first saw it. Asian jungle theme(?)...then I realized the 'spots' were Chinese characters. Love the color transition, too. I thought it could use some red, then saw the bit of red and hot pink when I viewed the larger image.

cardesin said...


Could be admiring the work to infinity!
A great job ... increible,
Very very good.
A big hug !!!!!

masmoulin said...

A beautiful contrast of light and very interesting!

W. K. Moore said...

Hi Nicholas - looks like your production cycle is in full gear now; a good thing when you have anxious and expectant fans waiting.. waiting. I like the variation on your oriental (PC?) theme. The warm shape in the middle with burnt orange edges makes me think of a leopard in the jungle... or a 5th Ave lady wearing a leopard stole with matching pillbox hat taking a hike in the bamboo forest. Either way your painting trips the imagination in an intriguing way. Excellent balance of simplified shapes with the more complex ones of the bamboo etc. An exotic Jackie O in the Jungle... is there such a thing? - or perhaps a Rita Moreno, Bette Page, Joey Heatherton blend - searching for the elixir of youth and staying one step ahead of mosquitoes, poisoned darts and hungry cannibals.

Nick said...

Sandeep - thanks for stopping by, nice to have you aboard

Sandy - I think we're probably alike, we paint what we like when we want to paint it!

Billie - heheh, the "interesting" remark can be a funny one, it's what my mom would say when I did weird stuff. Yes, a couple little accents (sorry, "notes")of red. :)

Juan - un abrazo!

Pierre - merci and see above comment to Billie! :)

Bill - thanks! and I'll be over soon, been trying to think of something worthy of your latest masterpiece. Something as good as this post...ya gotta aim high,right?

David Burge said...

I like BIll's "Jacki O in the jungle" comment.
I think that sums up that rural vs metro juxtaposition that the both of these designs project.
I think this is a concentrated, perhaps more clearly articulated production when compared to it's predecessor. I like it a lot!

Nava said...

Beautiful combination of text, texture and composition. The warm rusty hues of the parchment(?) against the cool background is truly appealing.

Nick said...

Dake - the stuff got squeezed into another shape, a shape I don't like as well, but works with this comp I think. "Concentrated" is the perfect word, not surprisingly.

Nava - thanks for visiting and the parchment texture is what I was going for, I guess it worked