Sunday, June 26, 2011

PTA Reflections 2011 Winner

Together We Can Build a Better World
Brian Koh - Second Grade - Duluth, Georgia

PTA Reflections is one of the country's oldest and largest arts recognition programs. In 2011 over 530,000 students, from kindergarten to high school, participated in six artistic disciplines. I judged the visual art division, and awarded the top prize to Brian Koh, a second-grader from Duluth, Georgia, for his Together We Can Build a Better World. Brian was recognized during a ceremony at the 115th Annual National PTA Convention and Exhibition earlier this month in Orlando, Florida. He will also receive a certificate, medallion, and $800 for his winning entry. A special award of $200 will be granted to his local PTA. Way to go Brian, we loved your work, and I hope this is just the beginning for you!


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, this had to be such fun, seeing work from young people all over the US! And what a great painting - from a second grader?? He's going to do well if he's this good now.

Billie Crain said...

Good for you for taking time to judge this competition. I love your choice, BTW.

Jean Burman said...

I love Brian's view of the world. He's coming from such a great place. Bravo to you Nick for your excellent judgement... and for being able to see and appreciate the good that this little boy sees in the world. That's just really wonderful.

Nick said...

Rhonda - it really was fun, a real pleasure to see what they're doing. Much of the work was more inspired than a lot of professional stuff I see. !

Billie - gladly do it again!

Jean - sorry to be so late, seems like no time these days. We all loved this one, but it would have been nice to be able to have about 100 winners!

Vera Dennen said...

This is wonderful Nick, and what a deserving painting was picked. :)