Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Workshop Schedule

I had to cut back on the workshops and traveling after last year's ridiculous schedule. However,  I am going to some fantastic places -- consider joining me! 

3-day workshop - Carré d'Aquarellistes - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. May 8-10.
Contact: Sandrine Teti 06 23 86 41 04

3-day workshop - Idyllwild Arts - Idyllwild, California. July 8-10.
Contact: Heather Campaniott 951-659-2171, ext. 2361

5-day workshop - Art in the Mountains - Bend, Oregon. August 12-16.
Contact: Tracy Culbertson 503-930-4572

5-day workshop - Enjoy Painting Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain. September 2-6.
Contact: Angela Barbi 34-645-767-403

5-day workshop - Northeast Art Workshops - Gloucester, Massachusetts. October 7-11.
Contact: Kat Masella (978) 729-4970

3-day workshop - Art Trysts Studio - Clearwater, Florida. November 4-6.
Contact: 888-727-1190


Nancy Lee said...

You do live dangerously - wielding a spray bottle and wearing a white shirt....:) And aren't you going to Manoir this year too?

hap said...

Bummer...looks like I'm going to miss you again...unless I win a lotto prize!

RH Carpenter said...

Nick, you've run yourself ragged over the last few years - and you've accomplished what you wanted: you are truly internationally recognized for your work. As the Aussies say, "Good on ya!" I just got my latest mag from France, The Art of Watercolour, and they are giving us a sneak peek of the June issue and there you are - right with the likes of Charles Reid and Arnold Lowrey, being described an an "American sensation"! What's not to like about that?

Nick said...

Nancy - I'm in France right now, you should see the view out my window - just posted it on FB. Not going back to the manoir, wanted to try the south of france. White shirts for painters - makes the colors brighter!

Hap - you don't play, you can't win. :)

Rhonda - that magazine has been very good to me, they've featured me several times. Big article coming up in the next issue, might be of interest to the watercolor vs. acrylic crowd.

Lisa Argentieri said...

love your work; hope you can post more photos of you working!

Ginni Hampl-Ho Art said...

Thank you for providing a lots of infos and I love to see your works. May I ask what kind of paper(if possible with name of the supplier)that you used for painting the huge "leves + grass" painting that you won the prize from Shanghai Competition?
ginni Ho

Nick said...

Lisa - of course I have a DVD with Creative Catalyst Productions that shows lots of stuff in detail...maybe more detail than you really want! I'm doing another DVD, but very different, that will hopefully happen this year. Thanks always for the nice words and interest!

Ginni - I usually use Fabriano Artistico 140lb (300 gm) in the roll. I like hot press best, but also you cold press. Many suppliers of this paper - check out Dick Blick, for example. Not sure about Europe.
I was a judge in the Shanghai biennials, I was not eligible to enter a painting for an award. If you're talking about a painting I did some years ago called "Summer Sonata" I'm sure that was done on the same paper. Thank you for the comments!

Harmony said...

Any chance you have an idea what your teaching sched looks like for early 2014? Love to book!!!!!

Amelie said...

This is cool!