Sunday, December 7, 2008

CC in Annapolis

Friday night I went to an opening at the new American Contemporary Gallery in Annapolis where there is a group exhibition that includes Carol Carter. I hurried down there, as Carol and I have missed meeting on a few occasions, and I wasn't going to let that happen again. The gallery is killer, has the proper Soho/Chelsea vibe, and is a perfect venue for large-scale contemporary work.

Carol has some fantastic new watercolors from her swimmer series, and several acrylics that are done in a rawer, opaque, edgier (pun intended) style. I'm already quite familiar with her paintings, but it's always inspiring to see the work of an artist you admire in the flesh. Better, is when you meet the artist in the flesh! I also got to meet her brother Sam - he's for real! :) - and and his lovely gal.

It was a gas to meet the gallery owner/director, John Bodkin, who is also an artist. This guy is totally cool, and a raconteur of the first water who kept me on my toes with stories of encounters with some of the most famous 20th C. American artists. The whole time we spoke, I kept thinking "I know this guy." Lo and behold, I got him to admit that I had indeed seen him on a number of TV shows, commercials, and at least one film (Coma) that I was familiar with. I knew it!!!

I'll be returning to the gallery soon with some friends to check out the exhibit again. Thanks to the gallery, John, Carol, and the other artists for a splendid evening!


Carol Carter said...

i had a great time meeting you. thank you so much for coming to the show. let's keep in touch and if you ever have a show out here in the midwest -- i will be there!

Nick said...

Carol - I don't know about the midwest, but guess where the next one will be? ;) That wouldn't have happened had I not come to your opening. BTW, I think I'm supposed to throw a snowball at you!

Carol Carter said...

awesome!!! that's wonderful! tell me when it happens and be sure to invite my brother [yes..he does exist].. and he'll come to the opening. they liked you a lot!

where's my snowball???

chris! said...

wow. i can't believe that you got to meet the amazing carol carter!

we've talked (favorably) about her work many times before.

i've always wondered what it would be like to see a carter painting up close (as you already have).

simmons - you're leading a charmed life.


Nick said...

Carol - it was actually one of those slushballs, and I know it would hurt, so I'll nail Bruce with it instead. Sam is on the Virtual Rolodex, I'm afraid we won't be able to get rid of each other!

Chris - hey, see above ^^^ and let me introduce you two. Carol, meet painter and w/c maven Chris; Chris, meet the fastest gun in the Midwest (I recommend packing your 7-shooter!).

Carol Carter said...

ha ha!! this is great! hi chris... let ME introduce myself.... i'll take a peek at your blog now... and in the meantime... wecome to mine!

nick... let me know how your show goes... and also.. if you ever move closer to kentlands! sam would love to have you as a neighbor.

i'll let you know when i travel east again. would love to stop by your studio and see works in progress.




Celso mathias ( Rio de Janeiro)

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MANPOLO said...

Love your work.

Nick said...

Hello Celso and Manpolo, thanks for stopping by and I'll check out your blogs!