Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Workshops 2009-2010

The following workshops are confirmed. More will be added, check the Workshop page on my site. I know the workshop for PVW in Alexandria is full with a waiting list.


2-day workshop - VisArts - Rockville, Maryland. January 10-11.Contact: Minna Philips 301-315-8200

2-day workshop - Potomac Valley Watercolorists - Alexandria, Virgina. January 23-24.Contact: Marilyn Milici 703-941-4575

Demonstration - York Art Association - York, Pennsylvania. March 29.Contact: YAA 717-755-0028

3-day workshop - The Cape Artists - Lewes, Delaware. April 8-10.Contact: Sonia Hunt 302-644-2973

4-day workshop - The Center For Wooden Boats - Seattle, Washington. April 20-23.Contact: Mareth Warren 206-382-2628

3-day workshop - VisArts - Rockville, Maryland. June 3-5.Contact: Minna Philips 301-315-8200

2-day workshop - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. August 29-30. Contact: 301-770-0500


4-day workshop (6-day event) - Kanuga Watercolor/Watermedia Workshops - Hendersonville, North Carolina. April 11-16.Contact: Robbie Laird 530-259-2100

4-day workshop - Art Escapes Vancouver - Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia. April 20-23. Contact: Jamie Kelley 604-730-2776

4-day workshop - Sandy Maudlin/Greentree Studio - Lawrenceburg, Indiana. August 6-9.Contact: Sandy Maudlin 812-539-4505

4-day workshop - California Watercolor Association - Concord, California. October 18-21.Contact: Karen Powers 510-502-6211


Pablo Villicana Lara said...

I'm so glad that you'll be in Cali in 2010! woo hoo! Hopefully we'll meet sooner! I know they will be as excited to see your presentation as I am.

Nick said...

Pablo, I figure you must be doing some workshops yourself - I'm sure there are many people who would love to find out how you paint those portraits!

wayne said...

Hey Nick! Happy New Year!!
Just a second while I check my Windows calendar -- yes, just as I thought ... it's "2009". So what's all this 2010 stuff doing here?!
Organising all those seminars is worthy of 'a seminar on how to organise seminars'! I can see I will have to burn the midnight oil (and the sump oil sludge too) to keep in the running here! cheers ~ w


What no 'cyclonic winds' blowing you ‘downunder’ for 09 Workshop...???????? Perugina shakes her head in disappointment.
Well I guess there is still a glimmer of hope in 10 since you are so organised! LOL
Well what say you?

W. K. Moore said...

Nice roster of workshops here Nicholas. The people love the man with the fluid acrylics in hand.. and flowing mysteriously, skillfully around the paper. That's the trick.. to get the paint to land in the right spots with the correct value, color, texture. And now the folks can find out how it is done. '09 is on and the dust of activity is getting kicked up... hope we have adequate ventilation! May the trip up the mountain be more profitable than the trip down -- for those of us still on the trail.

Nick said...

Wayne, I enjoy doing the workshops, but it's hard work. And I definitely don't want to let the workshop circuit affect what I paint on my own time. Other than that, good money, nice locales, and great people. Only one fear: some character like Wayne Roberts showing up!

PG - it's tough getting down there, and besides, there are so many great watercolorists there, why would anyone in Oz bother bringing someone over from the States? I might do one in Belgium later this year, that's as close as I'll likely get in 09.

Bill - starting to get cold at Base Camp 3, isn't it? We're attempting this under very bad conditions, but at least the trail is becoming less-populated as we go. They're dropping like flies, as a matter of fact. The Buddy System is going to come in handy, not to mention that third lung.

Dieter said...

Nick, happy new year from Frankfurt. I see you start the Workshops business. Think about some European dates in 2011 ;-)

billythekid from wetcanvas

Anonymous said...

2010 is the earliest?? No problemo my friend, Joyce & I will BE there at CWA...

11hugs to you & the girls...

Nick said...

Dieter - good to see you mein frend, it's been a while. Stay in touch, maybe we'll meet one of these days!

Mary lou - it seems far away, but we both know it will be here soon. It would be great to see you there!