Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Princeton Art & Brush

While at the SCAD expo in October, I was introduced to Howard Kaufman, the man behind Princeton Art & Brush Company. Howard is the former CEO of Grumbacher, so he knows the art business. I was demonstrating for Da Vinci at the expo when we met, and that's when I realized my two favorite brushes (1 1/2" flat and a mop, both seen lower left in photo) are Princetons. It was a very good time to realize that, and now I am exclusively using Princeton brushes! I love their synthetic sable 4050 series - that 1 1/2" has held up very well to plenty of abuse for about five years. I use the same brushes for watercolor and fluid acrylic, and while I constantly wash them out, I'm not always thorough, and sometimes even forget. I'll be using some of the pure kolinsky 7150 series acrylic allowed with those!

Thanks again for your generosity, Howard, and even more for your terrific brushes. :)


Anonymous said...

You know what, Nick? I am really not the jealous type. But this really has me bouncing in my seat.
I am in love with the Princeton Mongoose brushes for my oils. The handle just feels so good to the hand.
Now you have me rearranging my goals for the year.
Lucky Duck you.

Billie Crain said...

what a score, Nick! the prices on the 4050 series aren't bad either. the Kolinskys...ouch!

Angela said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I actually like synthetics better than Kolinskys - and not just for the better pricetag! I have a couple really nice Kolinsky Sables and they have their uses - but they just seem so moppy/floppy to me.

Love to hear something besides, "You HAVE to get a Kolinsky - you'll never go back." Not true for me.

But I do appreciate a nice brush, so thanks - I'll check these out!


Nick, I have never used a sable brush before as mine are all synthetics, so I can leave no comment with regard to these. BTW...Nice photo of your 30 round though! I see your artistic eye extends itself to this medium well! :) But then again… why would this surprise me?!
I’ll finish by suggesting… flying a few of these beauties air-freight is cheaper than a one way ticket for sure, that is if you would like my opinion on them! Nudge…nudge…wink…wink…

wayne said...

Hi Nick,
Princeton brushes!!! I don't have any endorsements per se to 'wear on sleeve' (as you, and the tennis superstars to whom you have taught guitar, can)! You well deserve the connection to the reputable brands you/they (Princeton, da Vinci..) mutually endorse. (..."da Vinci" -(what a name in itself?!!)).
The brushes look awesome and I've never held/painted with a Princeton, but can imagine...
I'm most attached to my oldest brushes, partly because they've seen me through a lot of 'thick and thin', LOL. But some are (ahem) 'in a thin patch' too so now I try to 'stick by them', LOL! Even my acrylic-ruined brushes seem to have a role here-or-there in smearing or scratching the paint, and their irregular marks lend a certain character (like crinkles on the face J, or on half-spent tubes of paint, LOL!). But I love seeing your gleaming new brushes here ...cheers,

Nick said...

Robin - Howard will be happy to read that :)

Billie - I remember buying my 1 1/2" because it felt nice and the price was right. It's still going, used it today.

Angela - I know what you mean about the synthetics, I also prefer them overall.

PG - I'll bet they're available down there someplace. But if you want to send that ticket along, I'll pack a few extras!

Wayne - working on the BP sponsorship now, and should tell my agent to get some action with Qantas (see above). Seriously, it was cool to meet the pres of the company, and then minutes later realize the brush in my hand is one of his. I also have some really trashed el cheapo brushes that I like for texture, or cleaning brake drums.

W. K. Moore said...

Hey Nicholas.. I have a few Princetons in my own arsenal which I mainly use for gouache work. Thanks for sharing the excellent brush montage!

Nick said...

Bill - another Princetonian!

nicolaus said...

You´re worth it Nick! Love the 1 1/2 too. Got my two on Ebay cheap.
Take care/Niclas.

Mike said...

It sure pays to be in the right place at the right time, doesn't it, Nick?!!

Good for you, Bud!!!

Nick said...

Hmmmm, if I could only have one....the 1 1/2" flat is my single favorite brush. I'm itching to use the new one I just got, but the old one won't say die.
Yep, all the hard work in the world can't match being in the right place at the right time...but hopefully the hard work increases the chances of good fortune!