Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interview - Konstantin Sterkhov blog

Last December I was interviewed by Russian watercolorist Konstantin Sterkhov, for publication on his fine blog, Art of Watercolor. Konstantin is not only a great painter himself, he has generously provided space to feature many of the world's best watercolorists. Check out, for example, his interviews with the incredible Lars Lerin, and Barbara Nechis, one of my early mentors. A big "spasibo" to Kostya, and I look forward to crossing paths someday, perhaps on a return visit to wonderful St. Petersburg. Pokah!


Konstantin said...

Thank you, Nick! What a wonderful review! It has been an honor for me to feature you and many other great artists at my blog. The time of our communication has been the most inspiring for me. Hope to see you some time in person!

RH Carpenter said...

A very nice interview, Nick.

Nick said...

Kostya - we will of course meet up, hopefully at that charming coffee shop on Nevsky Prospect, about 2 blks from the Hermitage. I'm buying. :)

Rhonda - many wonderful interviews on Konstantin's blog, definitely one to check out regularly