Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Blog;Therefore I Am

Who: I, Nicholas Simmons, aka Nick Simmons (no, not Gene's kid, ignore the pic), aka Nick, aka ________ (fill in blank).

What: Miscellaneous musings, irreverent insights, obtuse observations, acerbic assignations, pointed profundities, and the occasional post re art and music.

Why: Giving in to increasing pressure from the general public and federal government, now officially joining the legions of bloggers who sincerely believe you care what they think, say, and do.

When: Won't be daily....can't be...shouldn't be....will never be. Or will it?


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT!!! Another artist has succumbed to cyber culture peer pressure (insert evil laugh). Aside from acerbic musings, will you be posting any paintings?

Sandy said...

Welcome to 'Blogger World' Nick!
It doesn't matter when or why you post ...just as long as you do.

W. K. Moore said...

Looks great Nicholas.. and finally! I'm sure Silvina is quite proud of you and your technical blog-ese. She was certain you could surmount the arcane template selections and other curious machinations. And damn it - I'm proud of you .. you said you would do it and so you did -- man of his word to be sure. Well then, let the content begin!

Jane said...

Happy Holidays Nicholas! Your paintings and webpage just keep getting better and better and now a blog too? Wow!
Prepare yourself to be inundated with tons of comments from your faithful fans!
You and I first spoke quite sometime ago about Robert Sessions,then Sherlock Holmes.If you recall,Sherlock and I share a common pasttime of Beekeeping.
(Honeybees would make a delightful subject for a watercolor,don't you think?..hint hint)(grinning here)
I had a wonderful honey harvest this year and would love to send you and the family a jar or two.
It's just the BEST!
Good luck with the blog.Try not to get addicted to it!
Take care.

Bruce said...

nick! at last! a bloghead like the rest of us!

of course it will be every day! from your phone, your laptop, from your very lap! right out of the lap and into the bitrealm!

you don't have to post paintings, dude. you ARE the painting! so post it often!

Nick said...

Hola Silvina - as first post poster, you get the doorprize: set of steak knives with genuine imitation Bakelite handles. You bet there will be paintings, mine and other people's galore. I'll be spotlighting plenty of other artists (with their permission), and will get that going soon. Music, vids, love letters, more prizes though, without buying a token.

Sandy - thanks for taking the pressure off... I've never paid any attention to authority or schedules, and I have the low blood pressure to prove it! I'll be looking to stir up the palette on this blog, hope you wore your painting clothes. :)

Bill - OK, I kept my end of the bargain...howz 'bout you? I've beat you to the punch and am going to let you buy that pizza on Sunset afterall. (no mushrooms on my half)

Jane - I'm glad you brought up Sherlock, one of my major heroes. Will have to devote some posts to him, and maybe Jeremy Brett, too. We are a honey-consuming clan, please send me an email!

Bruce - I think I should have credited you for the title of this post, sorry. I'll not make that mistake again, especially if I get all purple and vertical on ya!

Jan Verhulst said...

Succes with your blog Nick. Looks great!
Best regards

Anonymous said...

I won a set of steak knives?!! SHRIEK!!! I'M SO EXCITED!
Will you send those UPS please.

I see Hef has been here. Hi bill!

DrM2B said...

welcome to my nitemare...
since I found flickr?
yeah...posting....not so much....
one cant have toooo many addictions...
off to the VanGogh museum today here in Amsterdam.... =)~

vargamari said...

Thanks Nick! I wonder when you'll manage some time for PAINTING for you in the future? lol
I hope you have more then 24 hours a day...
Bis bald!

clem said...

Hi Nick!
I won't miss to read your blog!
I wish I was as brave as you are to do one!....
joyeux Noël to you and olga!I am sure that Father Christmas will be generous with larissa!
un gros bisou for her!


Can now get my (did you say daily) dose of what's happening in the world and mind of NNG...from me in the land "down under!"
Will expect to see the blog with the scheduled dates for workshops in AUS!
Oh, don't forget the Pantene... very humid down here!

Nick said...

Jan - thanks for stopping by. Checked out your site and it looks as though you're into acrylic now! Have you tried fluid acrylic yet? I'm sold on it, and Da Vinci Paint is keeping me knee-deep in the stuff with sponsorship. Would love to see what you do with it. BTW, I'm part of an exhibition in Belgium next year in October. I believe I also have one in France in July - not sure which one I'll be coming over for, but it would be great to finally meet you.

Silvina - and where Hef goes, goeth the playmates. See ya back at the mansion. ;)

Doc Minta - Amsterdam, whoa would I like to be there right now...thanks for remembering to forget to invite me! I hope you're stopping at a coffeshop first - maybe the Pink Floyd Cafe? That's where I'd be headed. Wow you have been busy on the walking at nite in Brugge pics, lots of other great shots too. Fantastic vacation, have fun, think of Val!

Mari - wie gehts...I'm saving up for my own private jet so I can fly west all day and get a few more hours....might even go back in time, heheh.

Clem! - Took a while, but got talked into the blog. Father Christmas is going to need that year of rest by the time Larissa is finished with him!

Perugina - we'll see how the fabled Cyclonic Winds of NSW blow next year, I might just be able to hitch a ride! Note to self: Pantene in suitcase, not carry-on.