Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Art Center Sarasota Demo/Workshop

An expectant - and fortunately, friendly - crowd at Art Center Sarasota on Sunday, Feb. 10, to kick off the Watercolor On The Edge workshop. It's been a good week, a great group of people, and we are continuing to break new ground, introduce new techniques, demonstrate the power of Photoshop and digital projection, bust people out of their comfort zones, and of course destroy the myths, misconceptions, and lies re watercolor vs. acrylic mediums. I think we can safely add dozens more to the informed ranks of contemporary painters who are catching the wave of the future!


joel said...


i still haven't ordered my da Vinci fluid acrylics. it has something to do with the fact that i had to pay some outstanding bills etc.

but i WILL do it as soon as i am happy with my finances again.

so the Melbourne (Victoria) workshop is when?

-- Joel.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Nick,
Lydia said she ran into you today in Sarasota. Sounds like the workshop is going fact, I'm SURE it is if you're in charge. I can almost feel the excitement up here in freezing cold Indiana. Have fun.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Would like to see what you painted.

Billie Crain said...

Wow, Nick...this crowd looks a lot less ferocious than the gang at NAMM! Glad the workshop had a great turnout(how could it not?) and they didn't try to hang you. seriously, it's thrilling to see so many interested in trying new things and painting out of the 'box'. Wish i could've been there. *sigh*

Sandy said...

What a great bunch of students! Everyone looks so happy. I wish I could be there learning along with them.
I would like to see what you painted too Nick!

Nick said...

Joel - Oz would a gas, making tentative plans, but too much travel this year already. Looking forward to meeting you in any event.

Sandy - man that was a surprise! I couldn't place her at first, but then remembered everything, right down to the Fresca!

Mary - hello,nice to meet you...when there is a bit more time, will check out your blog - I'm way behind on the net stuff. thanks for stopping.

Billie - looks can be deceiving... They've kept me on my toes, but I'm still boss! Had a close call with the stunning Julie Reish of "Fear Factor" fame, but I've lived to tell about it, hahah

Sandy - never reveal the demo painting, who would show up at the next one???? well, maybe, we'll least it sold. wish you were here

W. K. Moore said...

Nicholas... did you have time to reaveal the painting with a razor technique? And if it fails .. at least you have the tools to make it right. I bet you are taking advantage of the clock and enjoying it all moment by moment (well maybe not so much the cold waffle at Denny's with the corn/maple syrup). Wishing you a spledid wrap and an even better high seas adventure...

David Burge said...

By now you'd be sunning it up on deck with the ladies.
You deserve the break.
Get inspired.
Talk soon i hope.

Nick said...

Bill - we were both demo-ing at the same time - should have made it a dual podcast! South Beach last night...Hef would have fit right in.

Dake - I'm primed ;) and ready to rule the waves. I'll get a tour of the bridge from Denys, will see if I can alter course your way...maybe nobody will notice.