Sunday, February 17, 2008


A memorable week with a wonderful group of people in the workshop, seeing lots of friends, and introducing Larissa to even more - she's been having a blast. Temperatures in the 70s and 80s...the place to be in February.

There are more restaurants in Sarasota than anywhere, and we checked out some new ones....Gil and Kathy took us to Amici's, a very good Italian restaurant on Main St. We also went to the Columbia a couple of times, and two mornings at First Watch (which is now HQ'd in Lakewood Ranch, where I see my house is for sale - a steal compared to a couple of years ago)

With author Dennis Fried at First Watch.

There was an art festival going on downtown this weekend, and I met some watercolorists I didn't know. We're now in Miami and will be meeting up with Olga's brother who is First Officer with Royal Caribbean and is twisting our arms really hard to spend 10 days in the islands.

Next report from the Margarita Deck!


David Burge said...

Hey Nick, the girls look great.
Check that tyke on tippytoes with mommy... two too cute!!

Weather perfect, all is good.

The painting's a triumph.

Kick back bro, wish we were there.

Sandy said...

Yeah! This looks the place to be!
Wonderful photos of your two girls.
Great memories!You all deserve this wonderful time!....enjoy!!

Rob Stiphout said...

Wow Nick, I like the koi,the colors work really well, very spacious, excellent !!
I predict an increase in koi sales....!!

awesome place to refuel...!!

Billie Crain said...

Nick, i sincerely hope your upcoming video demo w/CCP will show how you did this! i've yet to produce a decent koi. got to mention...LOVE that background. was this all watercolor?

10 days in the one would have to twist my arm very hard to jump on that one. still up to my eyeballs in snow here. cabin fever is epidemic. Foz

sandra flood said...

Life looks really rough for you!
Beautiful girls and koi, too!

Nick said...

DakO - all's well, wish you guys here were to help indulge in some high seas shenanigans and entry-level piracy. Knowing one of the guys in charge has its advantages - I don't think they'll kick me off this time.

Sandy - they're having a ball...I've done this gig a few times already, but it's fun escorting the two most popular girls on board! :)

Rob - good to see you...hope you're joking re the koi, I'm only doing them now at gunpoint. Need to head back to your site and see what great things you've produced recently.

Billie - I just heard from CCP and they are very close to finishing. This one is taking more time because of the length and working my music in. Got some other stuff about to appear, keep your eye on the magazines!

Sandra - thanks so much for stopping by, I'll be over soon to see what amazing things you've cooked up....doing my part, as Bill Moore says, to spread the SF gospel.

W. K. Moore said...

Nicholas I like the complementary gradient. The fish adds a terrific resting point for the ojo and a bit of zesty (never thought I'd get a chance to use that word) color. Have a zesty remainder of your voyage and may the cocktail sauce be tangy.

Ruth Ann Greenberg said...


The koi piece is very nice. Your vacation looks great! I am interested in purchasing your video when it comes out. Any hints as to when it will be released?