Friday, February 8, 2008

Teased in Tommytown

Jesse Claeys interviewed me and wrote a great feature about the new guitar in the Sioux City (Tommy Bolin's hometown) Weekender. Jesse is of course already quite familiar with the Iowa-born legend, and has done cover stories on Tommy publicizing the annual Bolin he can talk guitars, and it was a fun conversation. Check it out HERE.

We'll be in Florida tomorrow - I have a demo at Art Center Sarasota on Sunday afternoon, 2:00, the public is invited. A five-day workshop will follow. For more information, click HERE.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Ohhh! There's a bunch of VERY lucky Sarasota artists getting ready to take a invigorating journey in a workshop with you, Nick. If it's even half as good as our workshop was, they'll be dancing in the streets! Have a blast!

Atlee said...

Sorry I will miss your demo on Sunday but I will be down in Vero.... Best of luck on a great workshop. I miss seeing your work and comments on WC but I have been following your progress....through here and your groupies on WC. You are so busy I don't see how you have time to paint.

Nick said...

Sandy - it's going well here, but haven't noticed any street dancing yet...however the drum circle on the beach at sunset was in full swing Sunday night, a wild scene. Could not discern a connection to the workshop...full report later...

Atlee - hey, good to see you! Always think about you on the trip south as I pass Atee, VA (or is it N. Carolina?). Great turnout for the demo, and I actually did a "real" painting, heh. WC is a shadow of its former self, and most of the people I knew split. I just can't find the enthusiasm or the time anymore...but maybe it will bounce back, hope so. We'll be in the islands for 10 days, then back up here and Tampa and Orlando, will give you a shout if there's time, it would be nice to see you.