Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day ????

Who knows what day it is, they all run together! I've gotten a few good shots that might become future paintings....but mostly I've been gorging myself, sleeping, and keeping an eye on the girls.

We had dinner a couple nights ago with Olga's brother, Denys, who is First Officer, and his good friend, the beautiful Jade from the UK

I'm looking forward to a tour of the bridge and seeing Denys navigate this 73,000 ton dinghy (he's used to larger ships) through some of the trickier waters.


Sandy Maudlin said...

That's what a call an REAL artist's vacation. Love the pix, especially the yawn. She's adorable! It's snowing here:-(((

W. K. Moore said...

Nicholas... I'm not disappointed - in what I'm seeing. Great pics and it's good to know you are having a first class vacation. No screw top wine for you.. Eye on the ladies...hmmmm I can only imagine. Carry on!

Rob Stiphout said...

Hi Nick, made at gunpoint or not...I think your koi is a good example of 'less is more', this combined with depth and spaciousness really works for me...!!
....maybe this holiday is the right moment to switch from koi to croc....hehehe!!
btw like the Teaser album.....good stuff!!

Sandy said...

Wonderful the yawning little one!!!She is so gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing your holiday with us Nick!

David Burge said...

Yeah, best keep an eye on them gals, good work sailor.
Looking great..lucky %@$^@&!

Nick said...

Sandy - enjoy that snow, we'll continue to gut it out down here...2 more days(daze.

Bill - I haven't been on enough to check out msys haunts, will be over soon. Getting some writing done, and lots of pics for paintings.

Rob - glad it works for you, it's hard to do a painting that size in live demo. "Teaser" is my favorite album ever!

Sandy W - more to come, we've had a wonderful time and Larissa is the darling of the ship. Still have more places to hit when we get back to Miami, including Disney...she's old enough now, and knows all the characters. That will be a looooooooong couple of days!

Dake - oh, I'm doing this one right!!! Someday I'll pay the price for 11 days of hedonistic pleasure, but it will be worth it. Also loving the latin band here with a fantastic drummer/percussionist/singer...their version of La Bilirrubina is killing, and my salsa prowess is at its senor!