Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shanghai Biennale Entry Deadline

There is one more week to enter the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennale Exhibition. This is being touted as the biggest watercolor exhibition in the world, held in conjunction with the World Expo in China. 70 million expected visitors! There is no entry fee. Click on the "Biennale" tab to find entry information.

Any questions about the entry procedure should be directed to the Curator, Mr. Xidan Chen:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best of 2009

The February 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist is out with the Best Watermedia Paintings of 2009. It was nice to see my entry from the 30th Pennsylvania Watercolor Society exhibition, Bay St. Girl, among them, especially as Tokyo Express missed the publishing deadline for this issue last year. Had to win it again! :) I'll be the juror of selection for the PWS show next year.

Also in this issue is a great article/interview with Janine Gallizia, by editor Kelly Kane. Some fantastic pics of Janine's work, don't miss it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've been in Sarasota and Tampa the past week for a local event, meeting with Da Vinci, and seeing a lot of friends. Also visited Dean Guitars. Some announcements on the music and art fronts coming up. I ran into old friend photographer Pete Carmichael, who was another buddy of Valfred Thëlin's way back. The weather is beautiful, makes me miss this place!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Robert Genn - Projectors and Such

Robert Genn printed my response to his November 24 letter, Projectors and Such (scroll down), on The Painter's Keys website. Thank you Robert, and continued thanks for being a best friend to artists worldwide!

By the way the Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letters book is available for order. 960 pages, ten years of over a thousand unabridged letters including an 82 page index. Can't wait to get that!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Up Close, Personal

Here are thirty close-ups of a bunch of paintings, old and new. Several of the shots are good examples of the effects of painting on gessoed paper (mostly Arches or Fabriano hot press). All are regular watercolor, "acrylic watercolor, " or a combination of both. The pic above (from the Misteria series) is a detail of granulation that resulted in a nice verdigris effect.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2010 Workshops

These are confirmed, there are several more pending, here and abroad. Have to say thanks again to all of the people who have signed up for the workshops the past few years, and I'm sure I learned as much as they did. I appreciate the word of mouth goodwill, and look forward to visiting more and more interesting places and groups of painters!


2-day workshop - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. January 30-31.
Contact: 301-770-0500

1-day Photoshop Secrets For Artists seminar - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. March 21.
Contact: 301-770-0500

4-day workshop (6-day event) - Kanuga Watercolor/Watermedia Workshops - Hendersonville, North Carolina. April 11-16.
Contact: Robbie Laird 530-259-2100

3-day workshop - Art Escapes Vancouver - Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia. April 22-24.
Contact: Jamie Kelley 604-730-2776

2-day workshop - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. May 1-2.
Contact: 301-770-0500

4-day workshop - Town & Country Fine Art Center
- Kettering, Ohio. May 17 - 20.
Contact: Leonard Williams 513-897-5222

3-day workshop - York Art Association - York, Pennsylvania. June 8-10.
Contact: York Art Association 717-755-0028

3-day workshop - Idyllwild Arts - Idyllwild, California. June 27 - 29.
Contact: 951- 659-2171 x2365

4-day workshop - Sandy Maudlin/Greentree Studio - Lawrenceburg, Indiana. August 6-9.
Contact: Sandy Maudlin 812-539-4505

1-day Photoshop Secrets For Artists seminar - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. August 21.
Contact: 301-770-0500

5-day workshop - Enjoy Painting Catalonia - Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain. September 2-6.
Contact: Angela Barbi +34-972-221-879

3-day workshop - Art League of Ocean City - Ocean City, Maryland. September 27-29.
Contact: Ann Heslop 410-524-9433

4-day workshop - California Watercolor Association - Concord, California. October 18-21.
Contact: Karen Powers 510-502-6211

3-day workshop - Amelia Island Artist Workshop - Fernandina Beach, Florida. November 12-14.
Contact: Mikolean Longacre 904-415-3900

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad & Beautiful

This is another track from the archives that I put together with some recent photographs. The string pad sound you hear is the Roland GR-1 synthesizer which allowed me to play my guitar with a MIDI pickup, triggering a synth. I was one of the clinicians for Roland on the GR-1 when it came out. The lead guitar is a Strat through a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. If you like certain Jeff Beck stuff, you might like this.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sylvan Grouse Guild Medal

Thank you to the Board of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society for awarding me the Sylvan Grouse Guild Medal. Six lifetime points are required for induction; I earned ten points in one year with consecutive wins at the annual PWS juried exhibition, 2008 and 2009. It is a really beautiful (and heavy!) engraved bronze medal, and I'm honored to receive it. I was also awarded Signature Membership in PWS.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vernissage, Seneffe

The opening at Le Centre de l'Eau was a wonderful night. Large numbers of very enthusiastic and knowledgable art lovers began arriving 30 minutes early, apparently a Belgian trait(!). I've never experienced a crowd that displayed this kind of interest in watercolor, it was surprising to me...but probably shouldn't have been, considering the artists I was exhibiting with, and the person who organized the event, Janine Gallizia.

This was the first chance I've had to see Janine's paintings in person, and they are truly exquisite. As are, of course, Joseph's and the others'. You'll see from the photos that mine were too large to ship framed, so we did what has become a trend in some NY galleries with sizable works on paper, and simply attached them to the panels. Not ideal, but it's better than staying home!

The catalog that Janine put together is breathtaking -- it looks like something a major musuem would publish. The reproductions are outstanding, and each artist wrote about the others, which makes for very interesting reading. A nice touch. There is a dedication from one of the sponsors, Winsor & Newton, and a history of the exhibition and its connection with Seneffe. An excerpt from "A word from the town":

Thanks to the initiative and persistance of the creator of the show, Janine Gallizia, a second exhibition of the highest quality is now taking place. More international in style than the first one, as revealed by its title, "On The Water's Edge," it exhibits the work of six major internationally recognised artists of very different origins -- two Australians, one American, one French and two Belgians -- with a common passion for the infinitely subtle, delicate and at the same time fiery, art of watercolour painting. A wonderful invitation to the discovery of a major art, all too often neglected on the european continent.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people standing in line to speak with me, some with interpreters. They asked all kinds of detailed questions about what I'm doing, and told me they have not seen this approach to watercolor in Europe. I received very kind workshop invitations for France and Belgium, among other opportunities. I also signed a lot of autographs -- that hasn't happened too many times at shows back home, makes you feel appreciated!

The only disappointment is that I had to postpone my subsequent plans, and how weird is this -- I'm in Belgium and cancelled my visit to Spain; Joseph Zbukvic was in Spain and cancelled his visit to Belgium (family emergency). C'est la vie! I fly home tomorrow.

Artist websites:
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