Thursday, January 19, 2012

Strathmore NAWA Opening

Self-Portrait: Breathe

On Sunday, January 8, the six members of North American Watercolor Artists met as a complete group for the first time in Bethesda. Strathmore Mansion hosted the opening of our Stepping Over The Line exhibition, curated by Harriet Lesser. Exhibiting at the same time on the second floor of Strathmore is Shahla Arbabi. We had a chance to stretch a bit in this show, unconstrained by the limitations imposed on us by the various biennials. I introduced a couple of new ones, ¡Barcelona! (which sold at the opening, thank you!) and Self-Portrait: Breathe.


A great crowd at the opening, and Strathmore did a wonderful job of putting it all together. Many thanks to Holly Haliniewski, Director of Fine Art Exhibitions, and of course to Harriet for her expertise, encouragement, and enthusiasm.  

I'm very grateful to my colleagues for making the trip:  Kathleen Alexander from Hawaii, Keiko Tanabe and Tom Schaller from California, Carol Carter from St. Louis, and Mark Mehaffey from Michigan. On Monday, a few of us went to the National Gallery in D.C. to meet with the curator of works on paper, and were shown twenty-five watercolors from the collection. Sargent, Homer, Wyeth, and many others of note -  all without glass, but with firm instructions about not sneezing!

NAWA's next stop will be Colombia, stay tuned.

Art Talk on Saturday, January 21 at 1 PM
Children's Talk and Tour at 10:15 the same day.
Stepping Over The Line hangs until February 4.