Sunday, January 31, 2010

TWS Gold Medal

Nassau #1: Discount Warehouse - 41" x 41"

I learned a few days ago this painting won the top prize at the 61st Texas Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition. This is a major show with a lot of big names, and Janet Walsh and Arne Westerman were the judges. Thank you! Other award winners include Soon Y. Warren, Duncan Simmons, John Salminen, and Dan Burt. The opening reception is April 10 at the Rockport Center for the Arts.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

St. Andrews By The Sea

Time for another blast from the past. This was done after a trip to Nova Scotia and Maine a millenium ago with Valfred Thëlin. I had been painting about a year, and felt this was one of the best of that period. And I still like it. It sold for $500 at my first solo show at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and I thought I hit the lottery! Probably painted on Crescent or Strathmore watercolor board, can't remember which w/c paint. Approx. 24" x 36".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barrueco - Shanxii II

Shanxii II, a painting (based on Chinese mythology) we've been living with for a few years, finally found a permanent wall in the beautiful home of Manuel Barrueco. Manuel has an art collection gathered from his travels around the globe, including quite a few pieces by contemporary Cuban artists. I was thrilled when he took a liking to this one, and I think it might be used on another CD cover (see this post). It's hard to describe what's it like for me having the opportunity to spend some time with one of my all-time heroes. And what happens when you have lunch at Applebee's with the world's best classical guitarist? Every waiter that plays guitar runs out to the parking lot to grab his axe for an autograph. I would do exactly the same thing. (all I signed today was the check!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After Hours - Kiev

After Hours - Kiev (40" x 40")

A slice of Eastern-euro nightlife with a shot of exotica and a vodka chaser.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michelle Kwan - East of Eden

I'm looking forward to the Winter Olympics, one of the few times I can actually become a TV nut. Especially during the figure skating. And I can't think about figure skating without remembering the single most beautiful performance I've ever seen: Michelle Kwan's legendary skate at the 1998 World Professional Championships. It truly transcended sport and made time stand still for a few minutes. I can barely stand to watch it, I get all emotional!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sorolla and Sargent Websites

Beached Boats - Joaquín Sorolla

Iain Vellacott is a very talented British painter living in France. He has started a beautiful website devoted to Joaquín Sorolla, an artist whose list of present-day admirers keeps growing. Sorolla Paintings is well worth bookmarking, and check out Iain's killer work on his blog, Painting Inoils.

I have referenced the John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery many times, a wonderful resource put together by Natasha Wallace. Warning: it's very easy to spend a lot of time there!

Thanks to the creators of these sites, both my favorite painters!