Sunday, March 30, 2014

Summer Wind - Pratique des Arts No. 114

Summer Wind is a painting I did as a demonstration for the very beautiful publication, Pratique des Arts.  I was aware of this magazine, but had never actually seen a copy until I received No. 114, with the above article. This was a logical extension to the article I wrote for Art of Watercolour last year on the subject of watercolor vs. acrylic watercolor, and the idea was to combine the mediums in a way such as to highlight their respective properties. The first layers were thrown at the paper while attached to the studio wall in order to create a spontaneous underpainting from which to build an image. This was done in acrylic watercolor so that subsequent applications would not disturb the resulting effects. I then switched to standard watercolor, taking advantage of its impermanence, should corrections be necessary. Painting watercolor on top of acrylic watercolor also creates a resist that can enhance textures. 

Merci beaucoup to the publishers for inviting me to produlace this demonstration. Though the magazine is published in French, it is so superbly put together (high quality paper, and outstanding reproductions), I think it would be of interest to any painter, even those who do not speak or read French. (moi!)