Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watercolor Workshops - Dallas and Rockville

I have a 5-day workshop at Artists' Showplace in Dallas, June 9-13. This workshop is sold out, but there is a waiting list - see the contact info on their site if you're interested. I visited Artists' Showplace last year while Arnold Lowrey was teaching there, and it's a very impressive facility with a large gallery and lots of members. Arnold will also be returning there this year, and another hugely-talented friend, Sandy Maudlin, will be doing a Yupo class there next year.

Plaza Art in Rockville invited me back to do a 2-day workshop, June 21-22. This workshop sold out again, but there is also a waiting list. See contact info on their site if you are interested.

Special thanks to Da Vinci Paints for sponsoring these workshops and providing samples of their products!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Innovative Watermedia" DVD Released

Innovative Watermedia, my DVD from Creative Catalyst Productions is now available! They are taking pre-orders and offering $5 off - click here for the page on the CCP site.

Another trailer has been posted on Youtube, see below.

There is also a trailer on Vimeo.

I think the DVD was worth the wait....there was an enormous amount of footage and CCP is very exacting about editing, sound, and graphics. It was a shot on a set made especially for this project, and it also features my own original music. (I don't think anyone else out there has done that) I'm really happy and proud to be on the CCP roster of artists, and look forward to doing more with them in the future. They're the best!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ocean City Workshop

I taught a sold out workshop for the Art League of Ocean City this week, a very nice group of painters with approximately 400 members. We had all levels of experience, including a stunning 18 year old girl who had never painted watercolor before. I'm determined to get more younger people into watercolor and this was a promising start! Thanks to the organizers for getting it all together, and I must say that even though ALOC is looking for a new, larger location, the present facility is one of the nicest I've seen.

A special thanks to Ann H. who made her spectacular beachside condo available to us (I brought Olga and Larissa) for not only the workshop, but insisted we stay on as long as we like. So we have, and waking up to this view every morning is a great way to start the day. Thank you Ann!

Ocean City can be a pretty wild place, and the famous boardwalk is a spectacle unto itself - the pier, the amusement park, and a cross-section of humanity that makes for entertaining people-watching. This weekend there is a classic car convention going on, and there are over 3000 street rods from several neighboring states roaring up and down the strip. Luckily our condo is well removed from the hubbub, because the sound is deafening!

The Ocean City "Fine Art Center" on the Boardwalk!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guitar Students - WEHT?

I taught well over 1000 private guitar students in Florida during the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately I didn't keep track the first few years, so this list has only 800+. Besides guitarists, there are also saxophonists, trumpeters, flutists, etc to whom I taught theory and improvisation. Many of these people were playing gigs at the time, or went on to music school, bands, recording, etc. There were also a good number of professionals - doctors, lawyers, businessmen, a few sports stars - who really got into it, and some of them became quite good. A handful have remained long steady friends, and I've heard from a number of others over the years, but I thought having a list of the names in one place might bring a few more out of the woodwork. If you studied with me, or know someone who did, please write!

Jeff Albrecht, Stephen Alderfer, John Allaman, John Altman, Jean Alton, Nancy Alvis, Kim Alvis, Kaz Alvis, Kate Ambuehl, Kraemer Anderson, Nick Andros, A J Anspaugh, Rico Antonelli, Eva Arfa, Tim Argie, Danny Arliss, Colin Arnstein, Ron Arsenault, Robert Ashe, Trey Ashley, Penny Austin, Ken Avedisian, Dawn Avis

Jim Babcock, Vosie Babcock, Eric Bach, Richard Bachschmidt, Brad Baker, Jeff Baker, Doug Baldwin, Art Balitz, Andrew Ball, Greg Band, Mike Barbaro, Megan Barber, Mike Barberio, Matt Barfield, Sam Bargouthi, Shahir Bargouthi, Todd Barr, Chas Barton, Dustin Barzell, Sam Bass, Brain Bauer, Dan Bauerkemper, Rill Baxter, Rick Beasley, Brett Beauchamp, Ellen Behnke, Greg Bell, Beadie Bennett, Edgar Bennett, Craig Benoit, Carol Bentele, Daniel Berlin, Jason Berlin, Mark Bernstein, Steve Bernstein, Andy Berster, Gary Besemer, Lorenza Bethel, Eric Bethel, Trish Biggar, Jack Binns, Scott Bishpham, Eric Blackmon, David Blezins, Andrew Blix, John Bobrowich, Justin Boczar, Sean Boice, Pat Boling, Sean Bommarito, Chris Bono, Stacy Bono, Merlin Bontrager, Mark Borgmeyer, Robert Bortell, Rick Borus, Jill Boutton, John Bowman, Jim Bowman, Kathleen Brass, Eric Bridwell, Chris Brown, Jordan Brown, Tony Brown, Katy Browning, David Brownley, Chris Brzoza, Mario Brunari, Eddie Buckmaster, Gene Burgess, James Burgess, Charlie Burton, Jim Burzinski, Jason Butcher, Tom Butler, Paul Butterfield, Jack Byers

Neal Cabibbo, Jim Calhoun, Stephanie Capelle, Paul Carico, Dan Carlton, James Carnahan, Steve Caron, Dave Caron, Randy Carr, Brendan Carr, Shane Carr, Mark Carr, Jeff Carson, Cindy Carter, David Cash, Dave, Cash, Richard Cashmore, Herman Cassen, Rick Cast, Chris Catanzaro, Joey Caudill, Barbara Chamberlin, Terry Chancey, Ryan Chapman, Tami Chapman, Ian Cherry, Brent Cheyne, Dave Chmela, Bill Chrisco, Ron Christaldi, Byron Christianoudis, Tom Christie, Mike Christner, Deana Ciccarelli, Mark Circone, Greg Cirillo, Tara Clancey, Marie Clark, Sandy Clark, Mark Clements, Matthew Clippard, Jared Cogar, Erica Cole, Rick Collett, Troy Conley, Jim Conway, Travis Cook, Dave Cook, Brian Cookman, Dawn Corapi, Gene Corbett, Les Corbett, Tim Cosentino, Ray Coulson, Ken Crawford, Mike Croce, Joe Crooks, Rick Crowe, Oswaldo Cruz, Brad Cuickshank, Amy Cunningham, Chad Cunningham, Phil Cuva

Tracy Daisley, Sean Danahy, James David, Matt Davidson, Jennifer Davies, Andrew Davis, Colin Davis, Bill Davis, Joey Davis, Samantha Davis, Richard Dawson, Art Day, Patti Deer, Pat Del Mastro, Earl DeJonge, Mike DePalmer, Michelle Detweiler, Cher DiBattista, Mark Dickson, Jenny Dillon, Joe Dina, John Divesti, Scott Dixon, Andy Doane, Erno Dolfi, Steven Dominick, Gabe Donihi, Sean Donovan, Daryl Doquette, Matt Drews, Woody Drobia, Frank Duke, Kurt Duncan, Nathan Dunn, Rolley Dunn, Steve Dupper, Matthew Durrell, Sean Duvall, Jeff Dwyer

Reggie Ebersole, Kathy Ecker, Rachel Edidin, Bill Elliott, Peggy Elsberry, Richard Emery, Paul Enander, Nick Engelman, Fred Engels, Joe Enger, Bill English, Tim Entwistle, Stephanie Erb, Dan Erdahl, Jim Eslinger, Kurt Espenship, Adam Etsell, Mike Evans

Harry Fagar, Tommy Faircloth, Jeff Farinholt, Sara Farrell, Kurt Faulkner, Joel Feder, Noah Feldman, Rick Fellinger, Mike Fenzl, Doug Ferguson, Eric Ferguson, Juan Fernandez, Brian Fetty, Bob Fieberts, Worth Fiers, John Finch, Mike Finch, Mike Fixler, Seth Fleming, Stasha Foley, Lana Foote, John Ford, Jon Fountain, Manny Fox, Ron Fox, David Foxall, Art Frenz, Mark Frickel, Dennis Fried, Izzy Friedman, Larry Fields, Zach Frignoca, Jennifer Fry

Tony Galloni, Kevin Gannon, John Garner, Michelle Garnier, Terry Garrett, Ben Garrison, Ray Gay, Jerry Gay, Mike Gedovin, Rutann Geis, Gary Gell, David Gendel, Barry Gerber, Chuck Giallombardo, Scott Gibson, Mike Gifford, Max Ginnis, Josh Glassberg, Misha Glezin, John Glick, Jim Glover, Tim Glynn, Todd Goldstein, Lawrence Gould, Doug Graham, Ray Grandle, Fred Graswald, Mark Grayson, Chris Green, Holly Greenwald, Jill Greenwald, Nick Grieco, Martin Gromer, Jason Grossman, Stuart Gurley

Tom Hack, Jay Hafele, Ian Hale, Mark Hamel, Joseph Hamilton, Michele Hanna, Ted Hanshaw, Lucy Hardy, Tory Hardy, Tad Harger, Chris Harper, Dale Harris, Shane Hartman, Manton Hastings, Bev Hatt, Anne Haughwout, Rex Haupt, Linda Haws, Stuart Hayes, Shamus Healey, Scott Heaps, Danny Heaton, Debbie Heber, Matt Heitel, Steve Helm, Cornelia Hendry, Hugh Henningson, Joe Henry, Jennifer Herman, Mike Herrygers, Laura Hettema, Darla Hibbs, John Hicks, Richard Hilary, Tom Hirsch, Carl Hodges, Pat Hoganscamp, Justin Holcomb, Hugh Holmes, Hugh Holmes Jr., Bobby Hoppy, Jim Hopper, Mike Horlick, Will Horton, Steve Howard, Brent Howell, Todd Hoyer, Hagen Huber, Joel Huebner, Charlie Hull

Thomas Icard, Mike Ingram, Chris Irving, Collis Jacobs, Arthur James, Al Jeffrey, Dan Jeffs, Jim Jenson, James Jenson, Chris Jetton, Donna Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Giffe Johnson, Todd Johnson, Jill Johnson, Chris Johnston, Tim Jones, Cindy Jones, Guy Jordan

Faruza Kalaba, Doug Kantor, Kevin Karava, Ami Karlin, Benjamin Karp, Dave Karp, Travis Kaufman, Brad Kayser, Jamie Keeney, Kevin Kelly, Darren Kelly, Katy Kelly, Scott Kennedy, Cathy Kennedy, Dan Kennedy, Rex Kerr, Todd Kerr, David Kessler, Adam Kestenbaum, Jeremy Kestenbaum, Sharon Kimbler, Charles Kimsey, Mike King, Sean Kirk, Karlo Kitanovski, Gary Kitchen, Russ Knight, Peter Knize, Matt Koch, Steve Koch, Bill Koch, Mark Konwiser, Luke Koplitz, Dave Kordack, Sy Krauth, Annmarie Kreyme, Jim Kricos, John Kross, Guy Kulman, Cory Kunkel

John Lagasse, Jeff Lampman, Jennifra Lampman, Michlelle Lang, Mike LaPalme, Scott Laporta, Luke Larkin, Jay Laub, Bill Leach, John LeBlanc, David Lee, Dave Leeman, Mike Lehner, Larry Leinhauser, Jesse Leland, Matt Lennarz, Mike LeRoy, Richard Leslie, Steven Levenberger, Jessica Levine, Chris Levins, Grant Levkoff, Adam Levy, Marsha Lewis, Chris Lilly, Anna Lo, Nick Loftus, Tony Logalbo, Louie Logan, Jim Lombard, David Lopez, George Lord, Kirk Loudin, Jonathon Louw, Blondell Love, Barney Lozon, Jim Lynn

Tim Maciejewski, Mike MacLeod, Garret Maddox, Sean Maglieri, Andrew Mahadavan, Bob Mahala, Josh Malkin, Max Malone, Joe Manette, Eric Mann, Will Manson, Al Mapes, Bart Marek, Jose Maria, Anthony Maritato, Teresa Marra, Jeff Marrero, Kyle Marshall, Chris Martin, Rod Martin, Wayne Martin, Kevin Martis, Randy Mayer, Chad McAllister, Allyson McClure, Shelley McCormack Drost, Joe McCormack, Dave McCreight, Tom McCroy, Kevin McCulloch, Maryann McDaniel, Jack McGill, Mark McHugh, George McLain, Zach McLean, Duane McPeeks, Mark Medeiros, Ian Medhurst, Andy Mellon, Bob Melville, Eddy Melvin, Marnie Mendelson, Joe Mendolera, Joe Mendolera Jr., Brian Mercier, Al Mesia, Dan Meyers, Hank Michael, Mark Miller, Lynn Miller, Jeff Miller, Vincent Mills, Maggie Minzer, Kevin Miraglia, Dan Mirman, Loraine Miscavage, Dima Mishelevich, Chris Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Mike Miushuk, Mike Mobley, Jason Monaco, Jr., Karen Montgomery, Josh Moore, Sharron Morgan, Emily Morris, Phil Morris, Nancy Morris, Joann Morton, Rusty Moulton, Delaina Mulcahy, Debbie Mullett, Michael Mullinnix, Pete Munkholm, Harry Munkhorst, Melanie Muron, Kate Murphy, Ed Murril, Ken Mussillino, Chad Mynatt

Julia Nadal, Kent Narvaez, Hayden Nash, Jane Nay, Joi Nelson, Chris Nelson, Kala Newcombe, Tim Newsome, Linda Niblock, John Nickols, Matt Nolan, Scott Nuss, Eric Nutter

Ryan O’Donnell, Brendan O’Donnell, Casey O’Donnell, Mike O’Hara, BJ O’Hara, Pat O’Keefe, Sean O’Neill, Tara O’Neill, Charles Oldham, Stephanie Oliveri, Lena Osborne, Mark Ott, Mark Oudshoorn, Francis Overholt, Al Owen, Winston Owen

Mel Pagan, Bob Page, Larry Page, Jared Pakler, Nick Palmieri, Dan Palmieri, Mark Paquette, Neil Parker, Jonathon Partlow, Muriel Pascaud, Dave Patrick, Mercedes Paulino, Adam Paup, Robert Paver, Britton Payne, Doug Pender, Brett Permsley, Jeff Perry, Jon Perry, David Peter, Judy Peters, Guy Peterson, James Peterson, Mike Peterson, Nolan Peterson, Chris Petrocelli, Shannon Petsko, Christie Petzoldt, Mike Piazza, Daniel Piazza, David Pierce, Randy Pilgrim, Sean Pilon, Jay Place, Daryl Ploaczyk, Rich Plom, Mark Pohyba, Mark Pooley, Jennifer Pore, Todd Porter, Autumn Powell, Drew Prentiss, David Preston, Nick Preston, Mike Preston, Ray Pritchett, Michelle Probst, Matt Pruett, Dave Psimer, Mike Quinn

Chuck Ragan, Danny Redden, Paul Redzine, Peter Reed, Mike Regan, Amy Reichenbach, Stacy Reidy, Rob Reiling, Mark Reilly, Anthony Renda, Brian Rhoades, Bob Rhodes, Umberto Rianna, Paxton Richards, Jessie Richards, Kirk Richards, Drew Richardson, Gene Riddle, Mark Ridenour, Megan Ridley, Dan Rixon, Dave Robbins, Bruce Roberts, Ryan Robinson, Karen Robson, Shane Robson-Smith, Rick Rogers, Bill Rogers, John Rolston, Justin Roman, Andy Rosebrock, Karl Rosebrock, Tracy Rosebrock, Matt Rosen, Steve Rosenberry, Alex Ross, Jim Ross, Susan Rowe, Rachel Rupe, Jim Russell, Drew Russell

Shana Saah, Steve Saba, Rob Safferstein, Roger Salazar, Rafael Salinas, Pete Sampras, Bo Sanders, Chuck Satterlee, Steve Sauer, Trevor Saunders, Dave Schmidt, Charlie Schnee, Lee Shockley, Brad Shoemaker, Bud Schoen, Judd Schoenholtz, John Schramm, Evan Schroeder, Kimberly Schuler, Matt Schultz, Loren Schumann, Tim Scott, Eric Seaman, Monica Seles, Doug Semian, Steve Serbin, Scott Serbin, Brian Serponi, Jay Seston, Joey Settecase, Kevin Seymour, Nicole Shaffer, Gil Sharell, Carolyn Shave, Lee Shaw, Brian Sheesley, Brad Sheperd, Dave Sheperd, Ken Sheperd, Elaine Sheperd, Joe Shields, Robbie Shriner, Ricky Shriner, Tom Shrum, Brad Shugart, Steve Siebold, Joe Sikora, Pamela Simko, Jessica Sinclair, Mark Singleton, Bob Sizemore, Georgeann Smith, Ken Smith, Pat Smith, Cynthia Smith, Jen Smith, Mike Smith, TJ Smith, Roy Smith, Jerod Smith, Aaron Snyder, Steve Sobering, Skyler Somers, Mark Sooder, Jamie Sorrentini, John Souder, Tori Sparks, Darold Spicer, Matt Spielman, Tom Sprinkle, Sam Staffa, Mick Starkey, Ben Steinberg, Kurt Stewart, Mark Stokes, Jason Stoll, Rebecca Stone, Dan Stone, Danny Stout, Frances Strazzera, Bob Strelec, Rich Strom, Kirsten Strouble, Paul Stryhas, Ryan Sullivan, Neil Sutton, Michael Swenson, Jeff Swart

Shira Tabachnikoff, Leo Talamini, Frank Taliento, Jack Tamburin, Jeff Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Mike Taylor, Shayna Teicher, Jack Terry, Bob Tesso, Jeff Thielen, Owen Thiessen, Heidi Thomann, Mike Thompson, Trevor Thornton, Mike Thull, Charles Tolentino, Tom Tomlinson, David Tomlinson, Beau Toskich, Rose Trevino, John Trexler, Rickie Tucker, Jennifer Twell

Sal Uccello, Brandon Ulrich, Matthew Ulsh, Barbara Underwood, Jesse Underwood, Gary Upham, Kathy Valley, Joel VanCitters, Scott Vanderveer, Robert Van Dyne, Heather Velaszco, Dave Ventresca, Randy Ventresca, John Verburg, Olan Vernon, Dana Victoria, Ken Visser

Bob Wade, Will Wagler, Richard Walker, Mike Wallner, Rick Warren, Danny Watts, Ryan Wattstein, Francesca Weiser, Chad Weisser, Jeremy Welch, Amy Wellso, Brian Wengerd, Kevin West, Sam West, Mark Westbrook, Janie Wheeler, Ted White, Eric Whitmer, Warren Whitmore, Dan Wichlin, Cindy Widman, Steve Wilbur, Andrew Willard, Jonnie Williams, Ashley Williams, Erin Willis, BJ Wilson, Mike Wilson, Eddie Wilson, John Winney, Annette Witte, Sherry Woeber, Pam Wojnarowski, David Wolczynski, Kerry Wolfkill, Lee Wolfson, Mike Woods, Kara Wylie, Crystal Yancey, Eric Yeager, Jackson Young, Casey Young, George Zuknick

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Fresh Sushi" Giclée Prints Now Available

Giclée prints of Fresh Sushi are printed on 100% rag paper with archival inks. The image is approximately 30" x 30" (original 41" x 41").

$350.00 including shipping in U.S. (inquire for overseas shipping)

Fresh Sushi won top prize in the 2007 National Watercolor Society Exhibtion, and was purchased for the NWS Permanent Collection.

Click here to purchase.