Sunday, March 16, 2008

NES on DV Website

I'm featured on the homepage of the new Da Vinci website just launched. Other Da Vinci users will be featured regularly....let them know how you like their product!

I just finished another workshop that Da Vinci supplied fluid acrylic (and aprons!) for, and people loved it. The demonstration I did at the beginning of the class once again answered the questions and doubts of anyone with misconceptions about watercolor vs. acrylic. After a couple of days they were generally sold on it......another bunch of watercolorists who will be adding this paint to their arsenal and spreading the word!


William K. Moore said...

Great to hear your workshop successes Nicholas. Also a help to have a sponsor (Da Vinci) carry some of the weight for you in providing paint and press. Would be a fine happening if you could get yourself sponsored out to Chicago.. Bring some of your magic to the midwest - but please wait until I get there. Best to you and may your patrons be ever generous!

Nick said...

Let's buy an old bus and do a N. American tour...need an opening act, of course.