Friday, August 15, 2008

Sueño del Verde

Sueño del Verde - 69 cm x 132 cm

This one uses all of the green watercolors Da Vinci makes, and several I mixed. It's a scene from the woods behind our house.


Debra Halprin said...

Wow, Nick, great painting. I love the color,composition and texture. I can almost see the movement of the leaves. Congratulations on another wonderful painting!
Debra Halprin

Sandy Maudlin said...

You're such a master at taking the normal and making a huge statement out of it. Extremely striking painting! Also, we've got to schedule another workshop here for 2010.

Anonymous said...

this work is a wonderful game of green, that just a few painters can reach!
Kisses .

Dawn said...

this is fantastic, and could be a scene from our yard. lovely Nice once again!

William K. Moore said...

Excellent outdoor/backyard/summer composition Nicholas. The yellow green dominance in the leaves is masterfully done and the color intensity just right. The dark value of the main trunks really anchors the painting and acts as a pivotal axis. The iridecent blue in the negative spaces of the leaves also does its role to bring harmony, visual interest, and glimmer to the overall. A visual summer sonata and we're not talking Hyundai here....

Nick said...

Ms. H, enough of me, when are you going to start that blog???!!! Hope you guys are having fun this weekend, give the appropriate besos y abrazos.

Sandy - glad you like it, and sorry not to have been able to attend Carol's workshop at your place. If I can swing it, I'd like to do your's in Dallas. As I recall, it's a lot more fun attending one than teaching one!

Rosa - always nice to see you, and besos back at ya!

Dawn - it is from your yard..and you thought that was the meter reader out there. :)

Bill - incredibly (or maybe not) you hit on every aspect that I was trying to achieve...along with blurring the line between realism and abstraction. BTW, saw Javier B. in Woody's latest last night and loved it. Go see!!

Jose Antonio G. Villarrubia said...

Nick, fantastic work! I like much.
Un abrazo.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Nick - This looks so much like one done in the style of Sandy M's batiks...the rich colors, the composition and all the little elements just work with this. You made a comment on my blog awhile back about mixing greens and you could not have illustrated what you were saying any better than with this painting! Very, very nice.

Anonymous said...


Another beautiful piece as always.
I was wondering if you knew why Joseph Raffael uses borders. I feel that they detract from the paintings.
The painting that you are standing in front of doesn't need borders. It makes the piece look decorative in my
opinion of course.

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

What great patterns, movement, warm and cool colors are perfect!
I love the energy in this one! More than beautiful, beautifullynestest

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicholas, is the first time I visited you discover your page and I liked your green dream.


Nick said...

Jose, good to see you and gracias

Susan - Sandy does the REAL batik stuff, I just do a few techniques that fake it. I guess this would be a good example of varying your greens, but when it comes to vegetables it's pretty much just lettuce, celery, and cucumbers for me. :)

Ruth - hello, I'm not too keen on those borders either, though I've liked them OK on a few pieces.

Pablo, thank you for the good word. I have to say the photo isn't all that good, very difficult to photograph this one. But with your eye, if it looks good, I'm happy. I'll post another pic of it framed, and the color in that one isn't right either (and reflections), but you get an idea of the scale.

La Pintura, I'll check out your blog. ciao!

Deb Townsend said...

Breathtaking Nick. Love it!

perugina said...

Another exceptional addition to your portfolio NNG! Congratulations. PG :)

Tóbal said...

Very very nice one!
And with spanish title!!! even you´ve used the spanish world for "Dream" with ñ letter!
Does american computer have "ñ" letter at least? jejeje , Spanish powa!
I like all your WC , and this one is very nice , and it has the always complicated green colours

Sandy said...

Another show stopper Nick! Great work!

Nick said...

Deb, Patricia,& Sandy - thanks for stopping by!

Cristobal - no tilda on the keyboard, so I always have to look up the alt function key sequence...or copy it off something on the net. I really dig that new stuff you're doing, you have turned up the heat lately - and Spain has been hot enough already this summer!

Lori Andrews said...

I think I could stare at this one for hours, theres so many little crevices of "eye candy" Great job Nick. Love this one.

Nick said...

Nice to see you Lori, thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Oh Nick!!! this is a green masterpiece!!!!
superb, your "flowery" are much more than flowers.

here is my blog:, where you can see the works for the show.

bye amigo

Georgia said...

Hello Nick, I came across your blog for the first time and I truly love your work. This painting is truly beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Georgia Pistolis

Nick said...

Alex, you've joined the blogosphere! I'll add the link, and sure wish I could be there for the opening of your show.

I appreciate the good word, Georgia..I'll check out your blog!

Niclas Jönsson said...

Well Nick, this piece is just great! Love the greens against the darks.

Niclas J.

Nick said...

thanks Nicolaus - a lot of greens in there, I won't need to eat any vegetables for a month!