Monday, September 29, 2008

PWS Gold Medal

Tokyo Express (originally titled Canton Express) won first prize at the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 29th Annual International Juried Exhibition. This is a nationally-recognized show with several hundred entries. Gerald Brommer was the selection judge, Jean Uhl Spicer the awards judge. The opening and awards ceremony is October 12 at West Chester Art Association.


Dawn said...

Congratulations Nick!!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Congrats, Nick! It's a stunner and very worthy of this award (and others to come, I hope).

David Burge said...

This is fantastic news Nick!
Congratulations mate, many more to come without doubt!
A magic piece and well deserving of accolades such as this one.

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Well, it doesn't surprise me! Congratulations Nick!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Wow, though no surprise... still worthy of this prize! Way to go, and well-deserved Nick...Susan

David Lobenberg said...

Kudos to you!!!

Deb Townsend said...

Well deserved! Congrats Nick!

wayne said...

Congrats once again Nick!! Tokyo Express.. Canton Express.. you're on an 'EXPRESS'. Period. Just ride it! Another prestigious award recognising an artful balance and synthesis of East and West..

William K. Moore said...

Nicholas.. so happy to see this work up again with it's proper due. Titles are nice .. but the painting speaks for itself. This painting really works well visually at this larger scale. The lettering doesn't overshadow the main figure but blends harmoniously with it and helps the eye along. I would definitely accept a cup of green tea from her.. and perhaps a song.

perugina said...

So deserved and I think there are a few more to come for this gorgeous piece of art!
Now that's a safe bet!
Did you say giclée prints? :)
Tutto di bene.

Nick said...

thanks Dawn!

Rhonda, I appreciate the plugs for the DVD, and hope it gave you some ideas

Dake - your original critique of this one was quite helpful, and I'll be keeping it mind if I do more on this theme

Pablo - it surprised me. I haven't entered that many shows, and when I do I try to forget about them as quickly as possible...then if you win something it really is a surprise.

Susan - see above ^^^ :)

David - enjoying your latest, keep up the entertaining blog and great work

Deb - thanks for stopping by, and ditto on keeping up the great recent work

Wayne - your presence in the blogosphere adds some heart-pounding excitement to the will be a real privilege and pleasure to be trading kbs with you on a more regular basis. Love the new blog and new site!!

Bill - always love to get your visual breakdown of the picture. The flatness of this is influenced by oriental art, as well as by watching your stuff go more and more in that direction. A song? Your wish is my command. Arigato.

PG - thanks for the good words, that makes three downunder friends in one post. Glad you like it, and you're making some pretty gorgeous pieces of art yourself. I'll be over to see it presently!

Claudia Finn said...

Wow!! this piece is so eye popping and I love your approach to the layers and color mingling. Congratulations!!

Nick said...

Claudia - thanks for visiting. I was verysurprised to win this again, Pennsylvania has been very good to me. I'll have some other PWS news to post soon.