Friday, October 31, 2008

Metheny Music Foundation

The Metheny Music Foundation preserves, promotes, and perpetuates an informed appreciation for all styles of music, honoring the history of the Metheny family through four generations and the rich musical heritage of the city of Lee's Summit, the state of Missouri, and the surrounding region.

A worthy cause promoting good music for future generations, while celebrating a great American musical family.


wayne said...

Hi Nick ...a very generous post regarding the Metheny Foundation! They would do well to sponsor/promote your own outstanding music and the way you have extended and transposed this in the visual domain, in visual art. Many people who follow your visual art may not realise just how talented a musician you truly are. ...looking forward to the unfolding art and music here. The two broad genres are so close as to beg to be combined literally and metaphorically. You are one such person who can do both!
Cheers & best wishes

Nick said...

Once again I must express my gratitude for your faithful enthusiasm, Wayne! I was happy to see this foundation come about, and hope it gets the support it deserves. There are a handful of American music families who have left an indelible impression on the country's cultural history - obviously the Marsalis clan come to mind, and there are others....but for my money, Pat is the one who has truly transformed the course of modern music, and naturally he was influenced by his brother Mike, a world class trumeter/flugelhorn/evi player, his father (another trumpeter) and grandparents/greatgrandparents - one of whom gigged with

William K. Moore said...

Metheny's "Travels" album is my favorite from his inventory. I'm onboard the Metheny express all the way.

Nick said...

Bill - Travels....ahhhhhh, so many favorites on that one. And maybe my favorite Pat tune of all, "The Fields, The Sky" painting in the universe can touch that.