Friday, January 30, 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

I posted this in an art forum a few years back, and found it fun and very revealing. Maybe a few will post their invitation lists here, I'd like to read them. It's best to confine it to people who aren't around anymore, and to not include departed friends and family. As such, I cannot invite Uncle Fester, President Obama, nor Hannah Montana.

1. Mark Twain - has to be the #1 historical person I'd most like to meet. The dinner, in fact, would likely be in his honor.*

2. Chopin - need a truly tragic musical genius...will also play after dinner.

3. Bertrand Russell - only philosopher I can understand, will hopefully explain stuff I don't get.

4. Marilyn Monroe - the flame still burns!

5. Whistler - you might think I'd have more artists, but with Whistler present, no others are needed (and he'd be the first to point that out). Also exempts Oscar Wilde, et al., kill two birds with one stone.

6. Bruce Lee - had to think about this a while, and it marks me as a hero-worshipper from a certain generation. But I believe there was a lot to him besides the karate, and everytime I heard him speak (well, not as Kato, but...) he seemed to make profound sense. He could also kick yer ass, and that's kind of cool too....maybe the most amazing athlete ever.

7. Tom Lehrer - oops, he's alive. Sorry. OK, I'm going for an alternate, Peter Ustinov, who beat out last year's alternate, Stephen Potter. There's almost too much talent in Ustinov to be cramming into a dinner party, but this is not just any affair, and it's the kind of occasion where he was without peer.

8. #8 is very tough, because you realize how close you are to the end of the list. (A couple of times the planning committee stretched it to a dozen invites, and then people were making it a baker's dozen, etc. It got out of hand, so ten is the official limit.)So you can't choose just anybody for this chair, it's too precious. Blago could have got millions for it. Anyway, this year it goes to Da Vin.....I mean Dar....I mean Dino! Once again Dean Martin, my favorite entertainer, makes the Top 10. The King of Cool edges out other stiff cocktail competition like Galileo, Shakespeare, and Mother Teresa. (he'll go on after Chopin)

9. Taking booze, drugs, and a fast life to another level, Tommy Bolin. Sort of a given with me, ultimate modern age tragic genius.

10. Regaining some dignity, but not shrinking from the dramatic, Amelia Earhart. Never had her before, way overdue, would like to know what happened. Joan of Arc on next year's wait list again!

A bit lowbrow, no doubt...heavy on the entertainment with a touch of glamour, light on statesmen, religious leaders, scientists, and, strangely, women. (no "revealing" jokes, please) So what, make your own list!

* Whistler thinks it's in his honor.


Billie Crain said...

interesting list, Nick. Mark Twain and Tommy Bolan come as no surprise. neither does Marilyn Monroe. she's every guy's ultimate female fantasy, isn't she? I adore Peter Ustinov so i may have to steal him from you. Amelia Earhart? you'll have to find her first. I'm sure the world will be thrilled to finally know where she was keeping herself all those years.

note: my Dad once escorted her to her plane when he was in the Navy. it must have been shortly before that fateful final flight.

Anonymous said...

Isaac Asimov
brilliant person and funny too, he was full of quirks. Wrote science fiction but was afraid to fly

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Nick, dude great to meet 'nother lover of our Dino...never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth...I woulda invites you to checks out the ilovedinomartin Dinoblog by clickin' on my tagg...

William K. Moore said...

Excellent pics all - I've had the pleasure of discussing several of these venerable masters with you over the years. What a break from the bleak when one can reflect on good deeds and accomplishments of our (human) kind. If I might make an honorable mention of one more gifted being (not Silka) it would be Richard P. Feynman. There is some cool utube stuff out there - this dude is pretty far-out. Thanks Nicholas for reminding me of those who were so skillfully able to reveal the amazing...

Nick said...

Billie, I was just listening to Ustinov's classic "Grand Prix of Gibraltar" - track that one down if you haven't heard it!

Anon, that's a good start, nine left.

DMO, hey pal o' mine, I appreciate the post! I checked out the blog the other day and will be back. I thought I was a Dinophile, but I'm a lightweight compared to you - I don't even have the Helms on DVD yet!! While it's on my mind, my fave Dino clip on Youtube:

Bill, Feynman is the first choice for another friend of mine. I just checked out a bunch of the Youtube stuff, thanks for letting me know!
He should have a shirt pressed and ready in case Whistler has too much to drink, or Earhart misses her flight.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Nick, dude so glads you dig the ilovedinomartin Dinoblog...and likes thanks for some Dinopatter...please stop by often for some Dinoaction...this month featurin' a diff Dinoclip of our Dino singin' amore each day focusin' on the fact that February is Dinoamore glad to meet a Dinophile such as you....

joel said...

Amelia Earhart eh? well - that has won me over. she is one of the reasons we named our baby (now 22 yo) - Amelia.

combine that with the Joni Mitchell song and various other confluences and you arrive at the "naming point" nexus with an overwhelming majority of the house voting "Aye"...


Nick said...

Dino - ring a ding ding pallie - I should have mentioned before about this post I put up a while ago from one of my many visits to Westwood Memorial Park, final Dinoresting place and Dinoshrine to the likes of you and me. I'm sure you've been there Pal o' mine, but just in case:

Joel - does she have an interest in aviation? 22...she's still a baby!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Nicko, likes thanks for sharin' that Dinopost...when I gets a few will be sharin' that one at the ol' ilovedinomartin to meet 'nother Dinophile such as yourself...

wayne said...

Nick, Wow! This dinner party list is quite something!! I've enjoyed thinking about it so much - a very eclectic mix reflective of but one cross-section of your own broad interests, knowledge and experience. The conversation would be lively++, wide-ranging, witty, inspiring, ..and what about the music jam after dinner??! Chopin, Tommy Bolin, (and maybe Dino joining in singing some smooth number??) And, if Feynman is there too (see WK suggestion), he'd be on bongo drums or congas for sure joining the jam!

Meanwhile here in our own space-time dimension we have the art and music of Nicholas Simmons to more than adequately fill the shoes of Tommy and others at the proposed dinner party, and I'm sure, as but one example Tommy Bolin would be/is proud of you, your music, and your artwork on his signature 'Tommy-tribute' guitar.

It's a great post and a most thought-provoking one. Gets one thinking about history, who we admire, and why. Thanks Nick once again, and cheers,

Nick said...

DMP - I've really got Dino on the brain these days - pretty much like all days - and I just checked out the blog a few minutes ago. I could spend all day on there....but unfortunately I can't! :(

Wayne - Feynman's been on the brain a lot lately too, along with Dawkins and some other logicans. The only reason you're not on the guest list is because you don't meet the first preqrequisite, and you have a lot more work to amaze the world with before you check out!!
Always a pleasure to have your planet pass this way through the galaxy, though it plays havoc with my gravitational field! :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Nick, dude so glads you're diggin' the ilovedinomartin these uncertain times of chaos, it's so essential to have a place to go and relax and enjoys some Dinopleasures...and please leaves some Dinopatter so I knows you have stopped by....

Cst said...

Well, you already got my 'won't invite' list before at the other place....hee my current invite list would be:

Dan George - actor....he has always intrigued me.

Harpo Marx - with hat and horn

Julia Margaret Cameron - with pics

Frederick Douglass - would make the opening toast

Tuesday Weld -

Doc Holliday- without cough

Harrison Fisher - with pencil

The Andrews Sisters - to keep Harpo busy

Helen Keller - very touchy-feely..would have to keep her away from Harpo though!

Marie Curie - she would certainly light up the night

Confucius - he would close the night with tidbits of wisdom

Foster Brooks- and whiskey

Nick said...

Celeste - ha ha, well done. And you got me on Fisher and Dan George...this is a good way of learning about people! I'm sure I never knew George by name, but I remember him well. Tuesday Weld, there's a surprise. I love the sisters, and Foster was the best. hic