Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While on the ship, I had some time to put a few pics together with original music. This piece is a S. American-style acoustic guitar thing, all instruments and arranging by me. Most of the soloing is improvised, played on a Takamine LTD-92. Muchas gracias to Charo Vargas for the inspiration!


Sandy Maudlin said...

BRAVO! Really enjoyed the slide show with your misic. Thanks for putting it together, you talented man/musician/artist/husband/dad/son/friend/teacher/incredible person, you!

lupus said...

Hi Nick, I've enjoyed your piece of music very much, I diden't know you were a musician and so good.
You play a lot of things, as I can see , paintings, music, trips, ¡Wonderful! You are complete.
Thanks for this all. I'd like to meet you sometime, and paint together, it would be fantastic, despite of the fact that I'm not so good painter as you are.
Un abrazo. Enrique.

masmoulin said...

Very good !!!

Annaquarel.les said...

Excellent piece of music! It makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing Nick.

cardesin said...

Music is always a great inspiration.

William K. Moore said...

Beautifully played Nicholas - enjoyed every last note. Man you got to get that finger fixed and start playing again. The slide show was appreciated too -- especially the pics of your amigas. Nice collection of guitars! Bet you have some great stories behind each instrument. Thx -- going in for another listen.

Nick said...

Sandy - glad you like it, I'm the last musician to put music on Youtube...who has time?

Enrique - you're a fantastic painter, that last one you posted is incredible. I would like to meet you, not sure what city you're in (?).

Pierre - merci bon ami

Anna - Spanish music is the best, and while I'm not Spanish of course, it hopefully does have some of the flavor and flair

Juan - gracias amigo, yes I think music is the most powerful medium

Bill - a brief intermission, somewhat like my own B Side. The music is always there, can't turn it off.

Carol Carter said...

hi nick. thanks for visiting my blog. how are you? are you showing? also... have you played with bela fleck? i saw him last night... very kool.

your music is inspiring.. thanks for sharing! best. carol

milindmulick said...

man... you are an awsome guitar musician.I would love to watch you play..do u have a playing video on youtube?and of course I would like to listen to lot o your musik.
I do play a bit of electric blues for fun..coincidently just today found wholoelot of my hero Larry carlton on youtube.
thanks for your precious ocassional comments on my blog and reminding me of that increadiable Alex kenevsky.

Nick said...

Carol - Bela is great, I could mix it up with him, but I'm not sure I'd even pick up a guitar around Victor Wooten. The ACG just closed, so my show for May won't happen...you got in at the right time! Hopefully John will be back.

Milind - music is what I spent most my life on, I believe it's the most powerful of all artistic mediums. I've been adding some stuff on youtube, go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nes7827
You're a bluesman? Let's hear something!

wayne said...

Hi Nick,
...beautiful flowing melodies here dancing all over the strings, very natural chord progressions.. a great resonant sound from that Takamine-axe .. high-qual recording sound too that i'm getting on my desktop speakers this end!! Congrats Nick!

Dominic Philibert said...


Nick said...

Wayne - thanks, this is one of the better tracks, and the technique was in high gear. Don't have that guitar anymore, but did lots of recording with it.

Dominic - glad you and Jimi approve. I just got a look at your blog, I'll be back to check that out again - great work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick;

I have been bragging to all my friends and family. It is such an honor, I am truly touched. It brings back lots of great memories. I was a baby!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Nick said...

Well, you'll always sort of be a baby to me, and one I'll always love. Conejito.