Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still Toughin' It Out

Larissa is an old pro at Adventure Ocean, especially enjoys the Pirate Night where all the kids dress up and take over the ship. I have some good video of that, maybe I can get it posted. Here's a shot of her with remnants of the makeup, she was pretty scary... Arrrrr!

Denys has been showing us a good time, and we have the run of the place. More fun, more friends, lots of Russkies to hang out with, not to mention more food and drink. Trying to keep off the pounds with a couple of sessions in the gym each day, and dancing to a good latin band at night. It's gonna be hard going home!

Got a cool shot of the pool the other night, it really looked like that.


Billie Crain said...

Still toughing it out? Don't strain yourself, Nick.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Good thing you're taking care of things there. Someone's gotta do that work - might as well be you suffering.... Glad the vacation is awesome! I'm just jealous.

David Burge said...


Janet Belich said...

Don't worry too much about having to come home. Spring is springing here in MD. The blossoms are starting to think about opening, flowers have a good start and in the woods there's a maroon wash that is the buds of the maple trees. Tomorrow it's official ! Will we see the swimming pool as a painting any time soon ?

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty rough to me. Perhaps you should tell them all that you have had enough. But then again, you don't want them to know that you really don't find painting to be work now do you.

perugina said...

What a wonderful way to 'time out' NNG.. Have you managed to grab hold of that helm yet and veer south? Or too busy on Lido Deck watching? ummm... no prizes for guessing. Have fun!!

joel said...

Golly. That Dake fellow sure can be erudite huh? (FFS).

i really think you are having too much fun just about at this point. i would recommend you cease and desist with great celerity.

there is work to be done you know...


-- Joel.

Sandy said...

Gee Nick!! You are are really having a tough time floating around out there...Olga and Larrissa look pretty miserable too!
Maybe there is a fulltime position as resident artist?
You could do floating workshops!!
Have have earned it!!

William K. Moore said...

Nicholas I'm concerned for your safety! That equipment in the gym can be very dangerous (treadmill etc.). Unless you have a professional trainer to guide you through the complexities of workout technology - PLEASE BE very careful. I've radioed the ship's Capitan and he is going to lend you his man Horst to keep you safe and to spot you during those risky physical maneuvers. That also extends to the salsa dance floor Mr. -- !

Nick said...

Billie - one more day, then back to work!

Sandy - I probably should have been painting at least part of the time, but I did get some photography in, always do

Dake - you took the word right out of my mouth!

Janet - Spring is welcome, but I've already been through summer, it was hot

Robin - a strenuous exhibition of indolence!

PG - my plans fell through, can you make the trip?!

Joel - I think Dake said it best, heh. Yep, fun and games time is over, I have a demo to do on Sunday in PA.

Sandy, yes a miserable time was had by all! (not really) It has been a blast, I sure love showing Larissa all this fun cool stuff.

Bill - I managed to not hurt myself! And it turned out to be a very nice routine, esp with the view...and the amount of caloric intake necessitated activity!