Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sun & Fun

We're on a cruise ship for a couple of weeks in the islands, having a blast. Reunited with Olga's brother, Denys, who is First Officer with Royal Caribbean. (see posts from February 2008) I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Nassau, first decent internet access I've had in days.

Check out the video of Larissa kicking Olga off the dance floor - she doesn't like competition! Another week of this torture, and then seeing lots of friends in Florida. I'll try to maintain radio contact...over and out.


Billie Crain said...

Lucky you in the tropics, Nick. those palm fronds would make a great painting. i thought the top photo WAS a painting at first!

Larissa's been working on her dance moves! can we expect to see her on 'You Think You Can Dance?" soon? i think she'd be a great contender. funny when she pushed her Mom off the floor. she definitely doesn't like to share the spotlight. LOL

Sandy said...

Great Photos Nick! I think you have earned this holiday...enjoy!

Sandy Maudlin said...

WOW! Three artists in one family would up the competitive level. SHe's darn good, too! Have a great vacation - such torture???!!!

perugina said...

Enjoy your 'fun in the sun' - a well earned holiday and 'time-out!!'


Deb Townsend said...

What a riot she is! Too cute! Glad you're all having fun.

William K. Moore said...

Nice! Thx for the call today.. keep the sun block handy --

David Burge said...

Hmmm, let me see.... desert with sand, sun and flies, or luxury ship, blue water, white sand with waiter/ress sort of holiday...? Not to mention the band, cocktails and dancing!
Man it's a tough choice....but I'm guessing you're not going to swap this time?
Have a great time NOL(love the 1 tooth smile)

lupus said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, I Would like to be there too......Beautiful place, Nick, enjoy it and all the days there. ¡¡Happy holidays!!

Abrazos, Enrique.

Nick said...

Billie - Larissa has been bustin' some serious moves - luckily I'm the cameraman so you don't have to see papa try to keep up.

Sandy - shhhhh, haven't really earned it, but don't tell anyone!

SAndyM - nice to to see you, yes it's been a tough stretch, will need a vacation from the vacation

PG - trying to talk the first officer into steering over your way, that's my next itinerary

Deb - she's well-known on this ship, honorary Capt.

Bill - it's hot hot hot!

Dake - did I mention the 500 or so half-naked girls last week on spring break? That was just awful, I hope I never have to experience it again. :)

Enrique - hola amigo, I'll re-enter the blogosphere soon, will pay a visit. saludos...Fistro (which Manuel pointed out to me could be Fi-del + Cas-tro!!!!! are you guys all playing a joke on me?? jejejejeje)

Annaquarel.les said...

Hi Nick.I also thought that the top photo was a painting.
I'll add a new entry for 'torture' in the dictionary. This is tough work. Poor Nick, ha,ha. Enjoy your holiday! ... or shall I say... 'torture'?

Nick said...

Hi Anna - haven't gotten a lick of painting done...then again, I didn't bring a brush!

cardesin said...

What beautiful photos in a paradise!

That is beautiful to live.

muchos saludos.

Nick said...

Juan - I'd like to live here...for a while at least.

wayne said...

Hi Nick,
Glad you've had such a great holiday! those aquamarine blues of the Carribean are almost intoxicating, hypnotic.. [btw, i recently found out that "Turquoise" is the official colour of Turkey! i didn't know that one! i guess it's closest to one of my favourite colours Cerulean Blue. (The occasion was that i was playing e-violin with a percussionist friend for a charity fund-raising event held at the Turkish Embassy.)
best wishes