Monday, March 2, 2009

What's Up With That?

I'm noticing a trend among some people of not bothering to answer posts on their blog. We all understand the various reasons a person might not post on other blogs, but who the heck ignores people that take the time to post on one's own blog??? I have always tried to be very conscientious about that here and in the forums. A quaint notion, perhaps, but it seems common courtesy to me....and it's part of what makes the whole thing work. (insert scratching head emoticon here)


Billie Crain said...

i've noticed this, too. i always make an effort to respond to comments. i'm flattered someone took the time to write a response and deal with those crazy verification words. the very least i can do is acknowledge them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this so much. Also if I want to ask the person a question, or answer a question they have asked, I also go to their blog to do so. I don't expect them to come find the correct post to find the comment.
I think people are lazy, and perhaps we are seeing the sifting happen of those less passionate losing interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicholas, I'm glad you posted this question. Could it be that we're not all up on blog etiquette? It's so easy to start a blog, but it takes awhile to know what's common courtesy. I've seen so many blogs go either way, that I wasn't sure what was appropriate. So, thanks.

Nick said...

Billie - it seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it? BTW, I don't use the word verification, and I've had very little spam appear. Maybe it's not that necessary.

Robin - and I can't think of a quicker way to make people lose interest in posting, can you?

Peggy - I hear ya. You wouldn't think there should be a need for the term "blog etiquette." I think we all know what is appropriate, but...

Victor F. Retuerto said...

My standard answer provided by at least thank the comments made on my blog. I have a doubt whether you should answer the user's blog instead of mine. Not very well that way is correct. It is possible that the translation is lost in some ways,,, (Sorry).

Angela said...

I can understand missing one once in awhile - especially if it was made a few posts back (in fact, on reading this I went back and checked all of my posts and found a comment I had missed) - but I have found some blogs where the author never reply to comments - why even accept them?

I end up deleting those from my blog-roll and not visiting again --- not to prove any kind of point, but just because it seems to totally make me lose interest in visiting.

The one that bothered me most was one where the author asked questions in her posts, but never ever replied to the answers she got - not even a thank you!
Some of the blog stuff is still new to me and I wonder if I've got all the etiquette down sometimes (a book would be helpful!) - but saying thankyou when you've asked for something and been given it should absolutely be a given I think.

William K. Moore said...

Those people deserve a good fetching up! Force feed them blubber and tofu until they come around. I always return a comment - then go to their home town for a little good old fashioned stalking... oh.. yeah I got arrested doing that. Really Nicholas I just reply now ... my probation officer put me on house arrest. A fan deserves acknowledgement and loving kindness and anything less is not acceptable. So if you see someone who looks like me in your hometown.. heh it's not me.. just ask my probation officer.

RH Carpenter said...

It does seem odd that you would post your work and when comments come in, just ignore them and go on and post the next day's stuff. It takes time to respond but I find you discover some very good people by doing so - and end up in some online friendships that way, too. Thank you so much for your comment = takes less than a minute to type and reply. But maybe people don't know that a reponse is needed? Well, they do now! ha ha Oh, and BTW, if I've ignored a comment or a question I've received, it's not intentional but I've missed it somehow.
Hey, are you over that awful cold/flu bug yet?

Nick said...

Victor - I'm sure you're very good about all of that, and I'm waiting for your next painting to be posted!

Angela - I see we're on the same page there, no pun intended....I've had the same happen, and have taken the same measures.

Bill - you're another who is very conscientious about this, and that's part of what's so fun about visiting your blog. Not just the incredible art, but the fantastic responses to the responses!

Rhonda - so it's not just me?! Yes, I have probably let a few slip through the cracks now and then, but I do try and I know you do too. Thanks for stopping by!

David Lobenberg said...

Yeah...force feed the bastards whale blubber and tofu!! I love tofu by the way but have never had whale blubber and run no risk of having it forced down my throat as I answer all my comments as you do Mr. h2o artist and muscian.

perugina said...

I can't imagine who would ever not answer their blog comments. This support is vital to me and i love nothing than a great comment to reply to!
Hope i haven't missed any!
Ciao NNG.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick
I have also noticed that only one on three persons answer Whether on blogs, forums. It is unfortunately human nature. For example, when I warn someone that I cite in my blog, I have an answer once in three.

joel said...

hey! (or as they say in Scandavavia "Hej!"...).

i thought i had responded to this post. either i fat-fingered it to oblivion or it didn't make it out the other side for whatever reason.

i have been dodging bushfires, wind and rain in the Dandenongs for the last 6 weeks. i don't think i missed any replies. so, this puts me in mind that some people may have suffered similar extenuating circumstances.

HOWEVER, i do have a rule that has been inspired by your good self Nicholas (though it is my own rule). That rule is when you respond or comment on a post say something intelligent. If you cannot - don't say anything.

all the responses on the blogs interconnected here are well considered, pithy, funny, witty etc.

many post on places like WC are "Nice colors", "I love your palette", "Nice one" etc. This drives me batty.

if i can't think of something intelligent or critical to say - i stay mum.

however, it is good manners to reply to comments made by others on one's own stuff. however, for me - "thanks" - by itself, is not enough...

-- Joel.

wayne said...

Hi Nick, Yes i totally empathise with you on this point you make. Sometimes maybe (imo) there could be extenuating circumstances that might cause a delay in response/s to posts or even non-reply (i try to take those kinds of things into account). Yet, i agree with you when you say, that it can be puzzling as to "who the heck ignores people that take the time to post on one's own blog?". Maybe a post is published, and then is genuinely forgotten to be replied to. But if there's a consistent stream of blog posts from soneone and also a large number of comments to their posts that are published yet remain unreplied-to, then, yes, an "insert scratching head emoticon" seems a colourful way i too would describe the feeling! A simple sincere "thank you" would not seem unreasonable to hope for. If people want to post-and-not-have-comments this is ok imo, and can be easily selected as an option in the publish-post window of Blogger (as most seasoned bloggers know). Some of my posts' comments may have been inadvertently unreplied to, but i do try and reply- even if delayed for some reason. Anyhow, good point this post of yours, and thanks as always for your replies on my posts: apt, kind, prompt, modest, ..i could go on..

Nick said...

David - off with their heads!

PG - I'm sure we've all missed a few here and there, it's almost unavoidable. But with some it seems a policy.

Pierre - it's especially important with people who don't speak the language at hand, and therefore put extra effort into posting, or even translating their posts.

Joel - obivously there are extenuating circumstances, and nobody would expect a person trying to save their home (or life) to be concerned with replying to blogposts! And thanks for the vote on intelligent posting, but when I read things from some of the real thinkers and writers out there, I feel pretty inadequate. But as they say, 70% of life is just showing up!

Wayne - and you're one of the guiltiest of all in making me feel as described above! heheh But seriously, trying to keep up with a brain like your's keeps me sharp - or as sharp as I can be - and I figure it's a good way to ward off premature dementia. I time myself on the Friday and Saturday NY Times crosswords (the two hardest puzzles), hoping to keep that part of the brain working. And also in the hope that mass of disorganized information will come to bear upon some earthshaking issue where I can flex my intellectual muscles. Still waiting.... ;)

joel said...

Regarding: "And thanks for the vote on intelligent posting, but when I read things from some of the real thinkers and writers out there, I feel pretty inadequate."

i am pretty damn smart, so are you. but darn it i wish i could think and write like a really, really smart person.

makes me so mad and makes me feel really, really inadequate at times...

-- Joel.

Nick said...

Joel - in the words of Dennis Leary, "join the f****n' club!"

Bruce said...

i don't respond to comments on my blog, other than to answer questions, for these reasons.

1. people who post a comment (not a question) on a blog deserve the space to speak their peace in their own way without caroming off my opinion or approval. (anyway it's posted; i approved it.)

2. for dialog with me, or approval to me, visitors use the email address link provided on the site. all the blogs i have seen offer the same courtesy. (how does a blog author find out about a blog comment? by email.)

3. blogs where every comment is commented upon very consistently develop into sites where the comments on comments become the content. then it's not really "17 comments posted" worth of information -- it's 17 posts of agreement.

4. blogs are personal narratives or informational sites. i vote by practice for the wikipedia model, where comments (such as this one) have the purpose of clarifying information or raising queries or objections. social approval is not part of the process -- and not replying is not discourtesy or laziness.

for electronic sociability ... we have web forums, online chat venues, web cams, listservers, remailers; emails in all their glory; comments and tags in youtube, myspace, facebook etc., instant messaging, text messaging and now, because we really couldn't do without it -- tweets on twitter. what is the point of turning the blog into more of the same?

Nick said...

Bruce - of course you clearly state up front that you won't be replying to comments on your blog. No problem. I'm still stuck in the hopelessly passe habit of replying to people who might not require it, posting on blogs that don't ask for it, and opening doors for girls who don't need it. Will I ever learn?

Anyway, thanks for the comment!!!

Cst said...

Hi Nick,
I would answer the post but I have been working every day in California for a month.

Sacrament - March 4th.....4 day workshop on Roses....then on to Modesto for 4 days on Portraits then on to Gault for 4 more days of Portraits....then to Napa (can't believe that the place is soooo gorgeous)....then over to San Jose. After all of that I had a show in Fresno followed by a 3 day workshop in Fresno.....
Then a trip to Carmel, San Francisco, Muir Woods, back to Napa, and then back to Yosemite...we did all 3 entrances within the week....and finally to Mariposa and back to Texas.

Sorry that I didn't have time to check out the replies. I am usually much better at that type of thing.

Now....back to the editing of the magazine. Also...I took a workshop with Peter Faust....just like you said to....WOW was he ever a great artist to learn from.

Thanks for everything and your are the greatest. I just put a blurb about you on Chatty Teachers.....and about your great dvd.

Will check back more often when I can.

Nick said...

Celeste - nice to see you! I don't think you have a blog, do you? That's what I was referring to: people responding to posts on their own blogs. You've been all over the place, I can't believe how busy you are! I'd like to hear about the Thailand experience too.