Friday, April 17, 2009

Watercolor Artist Magazine - June 2009

I have an article in the Creativity Workshop of the latest Watercolor Artist magazine.

Most artists I've encountered have at least some experience using the computer and programs such as Photoshop, typically working with reference photographs in preparation for a painting. The article deals with using Photoshop to progressively alter not a photograph, but rather a painting, to generate new variations and abstractions. It is another way of extracting more material from an idea, and an interesting collaboration between man and machine. I started with a piece from a couple years ago, La Falda Leventada (see pic from first page), and explained the evolution of subsequent paintings via Photoshop filters and cropping.

(I see DaVinci is giving a free triad sample of watercolors with subscriptions)

Thanks to the twenty people from the Cape Artists in Lewes, Delaware, who attended the workshop last week. I had a blast, and I hope to return sometime! (yes, I made it to the gallery in Ocean View, 5 mins before they closed)


joel said...

i would so like to read the article. but we can't buy the mag here. the article is not online. and we can't even subscribe to the mag.

i have good money. they have a good mag. there are people to transport said mag to my snail mail address. there are even gooder people to transport my money to the coffers of the publishers and allowing various enablers to take their cut along the way.

damn fascists!


oh. hi there Nick. how are you. looks like fine work...

Sandy Maudlin said...

It is SO good to be able to read your articles, Nick. (Poor Joel.) Congrats on being a featured writer, too. I'll get my copy this weekend, I hope. Can't wait til you're here again for our workshop..... Have a great spring.

Mary Sonya conti said...

snickering, but am sure it's a frustrating situation can't imagine not being able to get my fix with the art mags each month. Hey Nick, recognized your work in my walk from the mailbox so pushed everything else aside and sat down to read.
How bit of a workshop have you ever done? Do you have a limit and are you always able to get in each workshop what you outline to do with a bigger class? Counting down the months till can attend yours in Cincinnati 2010.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Looking forward to reading the article. I use Photoshop a lot but it is always interesting to see what others do with it.

Tóbal said...

Hi Nick!
I think this is a very useful way to aboard a painting... but I have to admit I dont use it... maybe improving my photoshop skills I will.
Computer using is a quick way to see variations on a painting without physically doing it. Maybe to try how a darker background will work on a painting before painting it...
Saludos desde España!!!

David Burge said...

Is this the same mag I wrote a few years ago Nick?
All it took for me to get a couple of copies was to write something positive about one of their articles.
Try doing that Joel.
Anyway it's great to see you getting the space there Nick.
Punch on man!

Billie Crain said...

Congrats on yet another acknowledgement of your talent, Nick! I've had my issue for almost a week and was thrilled to see you as one of the featured artists. You must be a household name among certain crowds by now.:)

A free paint triad for new subscribers?? What about us regular subscribers??!! It's not fair.:(

Jamie Kelley said...

Hey Nick:

Just left Borders here in Kalispell looking for that June edition. Not yet here. Congrats on the great exposure and I look forward to reading it soon.

Took Joseph Z to the airport at 5:50 am and then returned to pick up Alvaro at noon. The Zman gave a fabulous workshop.

Enjoy Seattle and I hope the rain gives you a break.


Nick said...

Joel - I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with an online edition one of these days, that seems to be the trend in publishing.

Sandy - they should be having you write some of these articles, and I have a feeling you will be soon.

Mary - thanks for the post, the most people I've had in a workshop is 30-35. I don't mind the large classes, and I'm very conscientious about giving every single person attention. The only problem (like last week) is when they don't have name tags!

Myrna - thanks for stopping by, I'm sure you have some unique approaches to this stuff, and I'm anxious to learn about them.

Tobal - I don't use the computer for all paintings, but it has been invaluable many times.

DakO - home from Alice yet? Yes, that letter you wrote after the Feb. 2007 feature was very nice - if I were in charge of circulation, you'd have a lifetime subscription for that!

Billie - hmmmm, I'm not sure about the free DV paint deal...maybe start a subscription for your next door neighbor and keep an eye on their mailbox? :)

Jamie - we postponed the Seattle workshop until next year I think - they got a pretty good crowd, but not enough to really cover all the expenses and fees, and I didn't want to cut any corners. Too bad, I was hoping to cross paths with at least one of you guys.

William K. Moore said...

Creativity and Simmons?... a pretty good match-up. From conversations with you Nicholas I remember the act of being creative and working beyond one's comfort zone are hallmark messages of yours. Being creative is essential but that alone cannot support a career without the ABCs being in place. I recall going back to basics once when in my mind I was already accomplished, and rendered in gouache a sphere, cone, and cube in three dimensions. To do a good job I noticed how difficult it was. To blend a smooth gradient, to get the perspective of the cast shadow, the reflected light... etc. After getting that down I noticed my creative ability got a swift kick in the ass and was able to function on a higher level than before. In fact (for me) the basics and creativity both occupy the same coin. Can't wait to read your article!

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to reading your article and finding out how to tilt the monitor to get the color to flow.

Just kidding.I always love new information in the arts, from the latest electronic sounds on the newest electronic drumset to what visual artist are doing.Glad your willing to share the knowledge.

The magazine does offer some digital downloads of past magazines they have april of this year as the latest and a sporadic choose of earlier issues.

cardesin said...

Very good use of the machines.
They are there to help creativity
able to see before the end
very good post.
Nick greetings

Nick said...

Bill - it would be a tall order to keep up with you in the creativity and technique depts. The last step described in the article looks like something you might approve of - I must be absorbing the rays!

Paul - heheh, the secret is not to stretch your monitor or attach it to a board. BTW, incredibly, I had all the doors and windows of my van open today, went inside, and suddenly a wild hail storm blew up out of nowhere - it will be a few days before things dry out. Who says people learn from their mistakes??

Juan - just in case people haven't checked out your blog, I hope they will now. You're one of the baddest dudes I've ever seen in watercolor!

Fernando Pena said...

Hi Nick, I've just received the mag and found your article, congratulations, this will be the firs article to read, of course :)
un abrazo

Sandy said...

I've had my copy for over a week now...pretty good service I think, seeing I live in OZ.

Love the article Nick...
I have a painting that needs a bit of a boost...can hardly wait to give it a try.

Nick said...

Fernando, good to see you amigo. When are you going to start a blog???

Sandy - sorry I've been out of touch with almost everyone lately, too much going on combined with computer problems. I hope your's is working when you fire up Photoshop, and hope the article gives you some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Nick, I was unable to find that issue, so no comments from me. I have been referring to your inspirational DVD all week, so I came to tell you, yet again.

David, I've written positive things about several of Watercolor Artist articles with no response beyond "can we publish this", so you must be charmed.

Nick said...

Andy, sorry I missed your post...hope the DVD gives you some useful ideas, thanks!