Friday, July 3, 2009

From Odessa With Love

Larissa and Olga are spending the summer on the Black Sea. Thanks to Skype, I almost feel as though I'm there. Well OK, not even close.....but it's better than nothing!


cardesin said...


If you enjoy them enjoy!
It is very important to remember loved ones!
A big hug!

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, I know you will miss them terribly, but like you say Skype is better than nothing. Take the time to paint lots of big paintings!

lupus said...

Hi, Nick, nice, wonderful composition, and it's clear you love this creatures.....
You seem to be a good husband, good father,and, of course a very good friend.

Thanks for everything, showing your works, your photographies.....



jamiek8 said...

What a beauty! Larissa is sure to break a few hearts when she grows up. Sympathies on missing them but time will go quicker if you busy yourself with painting and getting used to a new Mac.

Fernando Pena said...

Hola Nick,
good to have your photos shared, your feelings are shown here.
Un abrazo

Nick said...

Juan - my only masterpiece, I'm proud of her!

Rhonda - and the house is a mess :)

Enrique - wish I could see that show of yours, the pics look amazing

Jamie - I can't lie, still on the laptop with Vista. At least I got Dreamweaver activated (after 45 min. on the phone and lots of weird black screens). Larissa will break their hearts...I'll break their legs if they lay a hand on her!

Fernando-Skype is too good not to use..let me know if you're on there, it would be fun to "meet"