Monday, August 24, 2009

Key To The Highway

The Big Bill Broonzy/Charles Segar blues classic, covered by everyone and his dog. I recorded this a long time ago, and I still like it - the solo is killin'! I put some old photos to it, in sepia, and added the film grain. And the vocal? Your's truly....believe it or not. Hope you enjoy it!


William K. Moore said...

Enjoyed.. the keys and the vocal. Perhaps sung after a pack of Kools with the filters snapped off. Great listening and I'll have to hear it in person when you make your way to the other city of blues.

Nick said...

Bill - heheheh, just buy a pack of Camel straights...unless you've got the proper sleeved tee shirt, then it's got to be Lucky Strikes. Mine were the home-rolled variety, which tend to "canoe" in the Windy City, unless a suitable alcove or empty phone booth can be found.

cardesin said...

Beautiful !!!!!
What beautiful pictures ...... and music ... makes me dream!
A big hug

Wayne said...

Nick this is awesome. As per the Youtube screen: fully five star material, and, might I add, combined with a very modest commentary! Anyway, there's no need for you to say a lot because here the music (and vocals!) do all the talking. Your take on this Blues classic adds a certain NS-Factor, even your visual vid-comp, sepia-smoky, that grain effect too, adds to the bluesy feel. Brilliant.


Nick said...

Juan - American blues is sort of like Spanish flamenco - an improvised, heartfelt music of the people!

Wayne - tried to give it a bit of an old-timey feel. BTW, the vocal was lowered a half-step in the studio, my voice isn't that low!