Thursday, November 5, 2009

2010 Workshops

These are confirmed, there are several more pending, here and abroad. Have to say thanks again to all of the people who have signed up for the workshops the past few years, and I'm sure I learned as much as they did. I appreciate the word of mouth goodwill, and look forward to visiting more and more interesting places and groups of painters!


2-day workshop - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. January 30-31.
Contact: 301-770-0500

1-day Photoshop Secrets For Artists seminar - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. March 21.
Contact: 301-770-0500

4-day workshop (6-day event) - Kanuga Watercolor/Watermedia Workshops - Hendersonville, North Carolina. April 11-16.
Contact: Robbie Laird 530-259-2100

3-day workshop - Art Escapes Vancouver - Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia. April 22-24.
Contact: Jamie Kelley 604-730-2776

2-day workshop - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. May 1-2.
Contact: 301-770-0500

4-day workshop - Town & Country Fine Art Center
- Kettering, Ohio. May 17 - 20.
Contact: Leonard Williams 513-897-5222

3-day workshop - York Art Association - York, Pennsylvania. June 8-10.
Contact: York Art Association 717-755-0028

3-day workshop - Idyllwild Arts - Idyllwild, California. June 27 - 29.
Contact: 951- 659-2171 x2365

4-day workshop - Sandy Maudlin/Greentree Studio - Lawrenceburg, Indiana. August 6-9.
Contact: Sandy Maudlin 812-539-4505

1-day Photoshop Secrets For Artists seminar - Plaza Art - Rockville, Maryland. August 21.
Contact: 301-770-0500

5-day workshop - Enjoy Painting Catalonia - Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain. September 2-6.
Contact: Angela Barbi +34-972-221-879

3-day workshop - Art League of Ocean City - Ocean City, Maryland. September 27-29.
Contact: Ann Heslop 410-524-9433

4-day workshop - California Watercolor Association - Concord, California. October 18-21.
Contact: Karen Powers 510-502-6211

3-day workshop - Amelia Island Artist Workshop - Fernandina Beach, Florida. November 12-14.
Contact: Mikolean Longacre 904-415-3900


lupus said...

Hey, Nick, you'll be very bussy next year, eh? ¡Congratulations! You are one of the best, so it's not rare this.

A very big hug.


Angela said...

Wish I were closer to one of these spots - don't suppose any of those 'pending' ones are near MN? :)

Lori Barton said...

I can't wait until August, it will be nice to meet you and to see you work.

Micah Neff said...

Busy year young man! Looking forward to seeing you at the York Art Assoc. in March.

RH Carpenter said...

You will be very busy and I will be in one of those workshops next year, Nick. I'll let you guess which one - it will be a pleasant (?) surprise for you! haha

Nick said...

Enrique - hoping you feel better, need to be 100% when we do make that rendezvous!

Angela - I don't recall hearing from anyone up there, I guess you can always make a suggestion. I think that's how I get most of them, word of mouth.

Lori - sounds good, that must mean at Sandy's. That's a great place as you probably know, looking forward to it!

Micah - York will never be the same, hope they're looking into crowd control, etc.

Rhonda - don't threaten me! heheh

Matt said...

congrats Nick...wish I lived closer !! Matt

William K. Moore said...

Any chance you setting up in Fargo Nicholas? I don't live there but I'd go just because it has the name of one of my favorite movies. Also country singers... Donna. Too bad they don't have those old Pullman trains anymore like in the vaudeville days - what a way to go from venue to venue. Keep that momentum going.. the fans await.

Angela said...

Fargo would be perfect - only 2hrs from me! Went to college there - I remember all my friends trying out to be extras in 'some movie being made about it', lol - though not much of the movie takes place there at all. I guess 'Brainerd' just didn't have the same ring to it. =)

Nick said...

Matt - there are definite advantages to living in siberia but the remoteness can lead to feelings of isolation....I'll bet you have to snowmobile 2 miles to find a Starbucks. I'd like to visit there when the ex Gov is at an away game.

Bill - I steer clear of Jerry Lundegaard's territory, won't catch me representin' roun Fargo. 'Scuse me, gotta do a lot count.

Angela - hoping there's no Mike Yanagita lurking in your past! You were such a super lady...

Angela said...

Lol - super yes...a 'Marge' no...though I do have a Mad Bomber hat around here somewhere...

joel said...

i see a slight flaw in your plans Simmons. there seems to be a southern leg conspicuously missing...


Nick said...

Angela - you're darned tootin'!

Joel - that dang place is so far away, it's don't know how badly I want to come down and meet you guys

Amanda said...

Nick, any chance of a workshop in the UK? Kent would be fab lol ;-) Best wishes, Amanda

Nick said...

Amanda - hi, nice to see you. I get all of the workshops word of mouth, people recommending or suggesting. I've never solicited one. Not that you need one! Some of those florals you've done are so far off the charts, you ought to be doing workshops yourself! I think "By The Pond" is my fave, I could look at that all day.

Mike said...

Nick, I see you'll be right down the street from me in May! I'm hoping I can arrange it - I'm going to try to figure that out asap (& I've emailed Leonard). Anyway, you have a place to stay - I'm serious! My boys would love to meet a fantastic artist & they can do any heavy lifting you might need!

Susanne said...

Would love to take one of your workshops. I'm trying to find one close to Toronto. Any planned for there in the future?

Nick said...

Mike - sorry I missed this would great to see you, really enjoyed the last time!

Susanne - nothing up there except Vancouver in April. The best thing to do is contact workshops or painting groups in your area and make a recommendation. Thank you for your interest!