Friday, February 26, 2010

Costa Brava Workshop

Enjoy Painting Catlalonia is a workshop series run by Angela Barbi in Spain. I will be teaching one this year in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, September 1-7. This will be an in-studio session, but we will be enjoying a gorgeous location overlooking the ocean. I have already heard about the wonderful job Angela does in organizing, and if the roster of artists connected with EPC (Alvaro Castagnet, Charles Reid, Joseph Zbukvic, etc.) is any indication, this is one of the top watercolor workshop venues in the world. I'm very pleased and proud to be included. I hope you will consider enrolling, it promises to be a fun week!

Many thanks to Victor Retuerto and Angela for putting together the video above. Guess whose music they used? :-) All information about workshops and tutors are listed on the website, and check out all of the cool pics!


Teresa Palomar Lois said...

No way you're finally coming to Spain, great news!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Wow! You lucky dog! Course, I know you work hard too... well, and then there's the talent. Okay, maybe it isn't just luck. LOL! Sounds fabulous, what are you going to teach?

Charles Sluga said...

Hi Nick,
Looks like a great Gig!
Enjoy!...I am sure you will!

chris! said...

hey - i recognize that music! it plays in my car all the time...

nice dude - talk to you soon.

William K. Moore said...

Knock it off Nicholas.. we know your real purpose there.. yellow cake uranium and a secret rendezvous with Grey Squirrel - or is it the Turk? Cleverly disguised as a watercolor superstar is a brilliant cover.. I must admit (astonishing). Can't wait to see the microfilm and new gadgets.

Anonymous said...


Nice to see your venturing out there and looks like a great place to visit and sounds like a even greater place to live no more shoveling snow.At least there you can choice to go see snow and visit the snow somewhere else instead of it visiting you whenever.

They have this thing called a Sunshine Award they seem to come up with a lot of these AWARDS type thing kind of strikes me as the blogging worlds answer to pyramid schemes I pass it onto someone and then hopefully they mention my name in there post etc...

But that is just me over thinking it I tend to do that alot(LOL) I'm going to take it and send it away on face value alone so I wanted you to know I'm tapping you on the shoulder and saying THANKS and I've listed the reasons on my blog why I selected you so you can just recieve the award read why but no need to mention it
I know that your are very busy.


Nick said...

Teresa - threatened to last year, making good on it this time

Tonya - I'd rather be lucky...:) Well, it won't be location painting, I'll have to just do my own thing.

Charles - nice to see you, comrade. You've done a lot of this kind of thing, I'll be following in your footsteps!

ChrisO - we gotta catch up!

Bill- ha ha that's one of the all-time CLASSIC blog posts! Grey Squirrel playing with nuts, Turk liquidated in Cyprus...sorry, old boy. Snow White at the drop, debriefing back at Bletchley with Cmdr. Q re double status. (speaking of which, must show you new Minox embedded in end of #36 round, undetectable, and cyanide pellets in 5ml tube of "manganese pink") Privyet, I mean "hi" to all back at Special Branch. Out.

Paul - I don't think I've seen that one yet, but we could sure use some sunshine down here! I'll be over to check it out, thanks.

joel said...

so excellent! what a great group of buddies! and the music is supreb. just superb!!!

Nancy Goldman said...

I sure wish I could take your workshop in Spain. I know Southern California isn't very exotic but do you ever get out this way to do workshops?

Nick said...

Joel - it's a great promo, I think a lot of workshop organizers could learn from this

Nancy - I'm doing two workshops out there this year... best thing is to check the workshop page on my website, or the workshop schedules I post here on the blog. thanks for the interest