Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cabaña Con Carne

Cabaña Con Carne - 61 x 142 cm.

Based on a photo I found, with some serious adjustments! Da Vinci watercolors on 140 lb. Fabriano hot press paper.


Unknown said...

ooooo weeee Nick, love the format - devine!!

Billie Crain said...

You managed to make women look wider in vertical stripes, Nick. Not easy. Bravo! I really love it!

Nancy Lee Galloway said...

This is really different, Nick and very interesting. I like the stripes as focal points...the women almost disappear (and, if they were friends of yours, would probably wish to in their "wideness" :))

David Burge said...

I'm completely in favour of the textures. The composition is very engaging because of your audacity and humor in stretching the subject.
It's a formal, even austere palette which I adore. IMO makes the distortion even more odd.
I think you've achieved a rare outcome. I notice the smudging effect which I know you've had in the arsenal for a while now but only use occasionally. Probably a good idea. I've seen it way over-used til it looks gimmiky.
You've certainly made the most of the stripes.
Solid work NiCX

debwardart said...

Do I detect a bit of a spoof on American beauty? Interesting, and humorous.

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love the colors...I first thought the painting had something to do with zebras and an African safari:-) The distortion effect, similar to a that of a "House of Mirrors" is a great idea and probably not an easy one to achieve successfully, You are always full of surprises for us. That is super!

Unknown said...

yep, love this paint, very very Nick!!

are you planning putting Olga in jail....or is it just a Courreges revival??

Randall said...

Nice Nick!! If I walked near this I'd get a little disolusioned and maybe fall flat on my face if I look while walking, lol. You can start a series of these Nick-named "Bust your face paintings". The gallery would love these, "They can't stop taking there eyes of them and running into themselves, it's a hoot".


Carlos León Salazar said...

Wow!! estupendo trabajo Nick

Nancy Goldman said...

This is wild! I love it Nick. I always look forward to your new postings. You are so creative and I never know what is coming next.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant website, I hadn't come across earlier in my searches!
Continue the great work!

Nick said...

Amanda - I like those oblong shapes, they get me excited about painting

Billie - ha ha, that's a good one!

Nancy - not friends of mine so they have no say re artistic license!

Dake - it's on gessoed paper so the paint moves easily, almost too wouldn't take much to wipe the whole thing off, which of course is always another option,heh. I sure wish you were stopping in the States, too!! :(

Deb - nah, never thought it through that far - just another detached foray into design and distortion

Christiane - yes! house of mirrors in the jungle

Alex - these models are anonymous to me but I'd consider "house arrest" jejeje

Kirby - I dig that disorientation effect. It's my experience that most artists are driven to paint what they see, I'm interested in painting what I'd like to see.

Carlos - thanks for stopping amigo, will be over to see what's happening on your page asap

Nancy - I try to find an approach within me to suit each new subject, rather than finding subjects that suit a "style." As a result, I often feel like a rank beginner as I start, and just hope the painting will tell me what to do. That's my "comfort zone," which I understand would make most people extremely uncomfortable. I'll get it right one of these days. :)

Anonymous - keep searching!

RH Carpenter said...

Another winner from the wicked/twisted mind of Nicholas Simmons :) You make us think...ponder...look again and again. That has to be a good thing in this world of quick work and quicker views, to have something someone returns to again to see more. You're an original, that's for sure.

William K. Moore said...

Into the funhouse on this Nicholas - and I do mean fun. The stripes hook my attention and the rest is just having a blast exploring the altered humanscape. Is the carne al pastor or sesos? A little cilantro .. easy on the MSG - a beverage and bingo! We're on the border jamm'n Norteños with our carnales -- excelente mano!

Susan Liles said...

You always surprise us! Great distortion and love the texture that you have achieved. Love it!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

This is a sure eye catcher Nick! I saw the thumbnail on my blog and had to come see what was going on. Really a nice design. Love the contrast and the atmospheric quality you achieved over all. The distortion is a nice psychological surprise. Wish I had thought of it! :-)

perugina said...

i never wear stripes..
notice the dress and not the woman.. something about coco chanel?

(replying to your last comment)don't mind me though i'm on & have been on another planet..
a bit like this really
outta this world!
bold NNG!

Nick said...

Rhonda - that's a good way to consider things. I certainly want to see stuff I've not seen before, and will hopefully want to see again. There's an incredible amount of recycling in the w/c world, possibly more than other mediums. Maybe because of its immediacy, many painters develop a sort of shorthand style that often says to me, "this is how I do trees...this is how I do figures...this is how I do skies" etc. I don't approach subject matter with the idea of making it fit into my technique or approach. I get inspired by a subject, consider how it would look best to me, and then figure out how to do it. That could mean going back to Square One with each new piece. But I love this philosophy espoused by Alex Kanevsky: "The moment something works well and is under control - is the time to give it up and try something else."

Bill - as the art world's foremost fun house proprietor, you know it's a matter of a few crooked ceiling joists, warped floorboards, loosened screws, and mobius hallways that lead nowhere but the lock-up ward. I feel some of your work rubbing off on me, can't help it. But hopefully not in a way that infringes on the patent, and of course you're in a class by yourself to begin with. (just got off the phone, and really appreciate your remarks about this one - I had rolled it up and stuck it in the curing shed. muchas gracias querido amigo)

Susan - there aren't many surprises left in this biz, so I'm flattered!

Tonya - it's not the doing that so much impresses me anymore, it's the thinking to do it that's the key!

Patricia - Coco C, of course! I knew Giorgio wasn't quite right, and the wrong yellow anyway. Where in the world have you been, we miss ya. ???

devotedmomof7 said...

Interesting distortion, Nick - very fun-house looking as people have already noted. Is there a connection to the title that's going over my head? I really like the palette - don't think I've seen this used by you before. It's sedated and calm - an engaging juxtaposition with the zing of the skewed stripes and perspective. I'll bet you'll always have fun painting as you keep fresh ideas and techniques coming.

Nick said...

Cheryl - thank you for the visit. Funny you mention "fun" because I just went on a rant about that in a workshop and maybe oughta make a post about it. Nothing wrong with fun of course, and I know where you're coming from on this, but I've seen the word do damage to aspiring painters, for instance in places like the WetCanvas forum which has been dumbed down beyond belief thanks to those idiot moderators. The title of this one is more alliteration than anything else. Looks like you had a blast at the tableau vivant, I want to see that!

Randall said...

Hey Nick your right about WetCanvas for some reason after being on it for a while I'm getting tired of it. I'd rather have fun :). I need to get back to watercolors my true love again. I've been messing with oils for a while :). I like your style of painting ever since I saw it in Watercolor American Artist magazine. Cabaña Con Carne is just awesome.


Nick said...

Kirby - that watercolor forum is a pathetic joke. Everytime you log in you become a 10% worse painter, and lots of them log in 10x/day! ha ha, get out of there buddy, everyone else has!

cardesin said...

wowww, I knew that I was expecting a k.o to see your latest work !!!!!
courage to choose the theme, incredible treatment! ahhhhhh!!
That good work Nick !!!!!

Randall said...

Makes sense to me Nick. I know watercolor is not an easy one to grasp I've got tons of sketches to prove that, lol. Only maybe a fraction would be considered ok. Time to ramp it up a notch and take it a little more seriously.

So what got you started in watercolors? For me I wanted a watercolor painting to hang on my wall and I've always wanted to learn how to paint in watercolor. I never would have thought I'd take it this far.


Jean Burman said...

Amazing work Nick. I love the juxtaposition of those soft earthy skintones with the [surprise] modern element of bold black and white stripes. [Formal palette - as David Burge suggests above - but with a contemporary twist] Just love it!

Um... interesting title btw [grin]

Jean Burman said...

And this is water reflections right?

Nick said...

Juan - this was another one, but I've started a grande with you on my mind!

Kirby - How about serious fun?! (I deleted the rant post, as it was mostly for the benefit of certain folks, and also in response to Cheryl's question -- which was entirely germane, and I knew how she meant it in her first post. thanks again, Cheryl)
I was always into art, started in classes at the library when I was 4. My best subject in school, etc. You can read about how I got into watercolor in this post about my original mentor, Valfred Thëlin:

Jean - thanks for stopping, thought of you today while the Best of LRB CD played. No water reflections here, just filtering things in wide-angle mode. :)


love the movement and the way the faces and figures appear nick ...will look foward to reading your article

Nick said...

Jane - hello and thanks, be over soon to see what's new