Friday, September 24, 2010

Luna Faerie Meets Wes

Having fun on a 3/4 size kid's guitar! First the bass line, then rhythm, then lead on top using the Lexicon JamMan looper. All improvised, one take.


RH Carpenter said...

Hey, some jazzy cool notes on this hot and steamy day. That guitar sounds good - or maybe it's the guitarist? Do they come in blue?? Thanks for sharing, Nick.

Nusret Topuzoğlu said...

Not sure which Nick I admire most,artist or musician?

Unknown said...

Nick, wow - the ending is superb! You have the knack of making everything look so effortless! ps, I had to look twice to make sure it was you with the new haircut - suits you but you look so different! Love Larissa's mic holding!

Javier Ona said...

Nice and fresh, Nick, I love it, the musical mix is working fine, your little daughter looks very helping and pretty, and what a warming ambiance with your working table behind you and so clean room floor ... :)(!).
Even your new haircut is awesome.
Many thanks.

debwardart said...

How cute - Nick with a pink guitar!!! Hope you are teaching Larissa how to play it (as well as teaching her how to paint!!!) What wonderful gifts to give her! And - can't believe you cut your hair. Guess you have become too famous and must go "incognito" now!!

Nick said...

Rhonda - a full range of colors, and I recall you are fond of blue. A few blue notes thrown around in this ditty also, just enough to spice it up

Nusret - doesn't matter probably, it's all sort of the same thing anyway. Improvisation and some kinds of painting have a lot in common

Amanda - this is the shortest my hair has been since I was about 7 years old. Maybe I play better with it that way - I can hear!

Javier - hola amigo, and btw I saw it was Irene's birthday and I imagine she must be now the reigning Princess of Spain. My god sir, you produce not only magnificent artworks in paint! jejeje

Deb - I have to say she's the best artist in her kindergarten class from what I've seen. (I hope none of her classmates are following my blog!)

lupus said...

I have remained without words, Nick, your art is versatile, you are a so good musician as painter, and I have enjoyed very much this improvisation of jazz.
You have a beautiful daughter who already does the functions of a perfect secretary, je, je, je.
But it has been difficult to me to recognize you with this new look ... have you cut the hair?

A very big hug for you, my friend.


Nick said...

Enrique - ah gracias querido amigo, and it's always a pleasure to see you. I felt like I needed a change in the coiffure department, but of course it always grows back. Larissa shows signs of outperforming her parents in the creative arts, and we'll be cheering her on. Glad you enjoyed the blues bit, the USA equivalent of flamenco!

devotedmomof7 said...

It is wonderful that you are showing your daughter such a range of talent fo rher to admire and emulate. Larissa is such a cutie. Between your music and art along with her mother's flair for fashion, she's sure to have a huge artistic head start!

Nick said...

Cheryl - I do believe she is the best artist in her class...all of that time hanging around Papa's studio has no doubt rubbed off on her. I'm now trying to learn from her art!

Mike said...

Dude! Watching this made my pulse race. . . .no Kidding!!!! Amazing!!!

On another note, how did we miss each other at CWA? I musta been buried under some "official" stuff, if you know what I mean.

Nick said...

Mike - I was hoping to hook up with you out there, but realize it's some distance for you. Next time, I hope. And I'll put up another guitar vid soon, send me a request :)