Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Art of Watercolour

From L' Art de l'Aquarelle:

We created a prestigious book on a selection of the artists that have appeared in the watercolour magazine over the last two years... the book is completed and printed. It is sincerely well above and beyond any other book on contempory watercolour artists that we have seen.

24 of the world's greatest artists
100 never before published images
6 major paintings explained
24 x 28 cm.
Full colour high quality reproductions of all paintings on 150 gms paper

For information about purchase, email: Sonia Seince at


William K. Moore said...

Hi Nicholas - I know you've put some of your own sweat and (tears?) into the publication. Certainly a class magazine where the dearth of other WC mags are mediocre at best. I hope to get my hands on a copy soon and see amazing work... you know any beautiful French translators out there? Happy holiday(s) mon ami(go)!

Anonymous said...

Will definitely get this one, thanks for posting and Happy Holidays from me as well!

Vera Dennen said...

Nick, do you have a 'fellow' list I could get on?

RH Carpenter said...

"24 of the world's greatest artists" = now that is some high praise, indeed! I'm not at all surprised to find you in this list - but, gosh, where do you go from here? Have a wonderful Christmas and hope 2011 brings you all things bright, beautiful, colorful and wonderful.

Nick said...

Bill - as a matter of fact,looks like the workshop in France is almost sold out, so we'll be going and I'll ask Janine for assistance on your behalf. Even better, why don't you come too? I think the continental scene could use a dash of WKM elan!

Frank - I'll post the order form here somehow...stay tuned

Vera - if you mean "follower" I think you just click on something, but I'm not sure what. Thanks for stopping!

Rhonda - Madison Ave might have invented advertising hyperbole, but anyone can do it! (have you noticed?) So far, it's all been bright and beautiful...and cold. brrrrr, hope you're having a nice holiday down there, keep the brushes warm!

Carlos León Salazar said...


Nick said...

Carlos - hola y gracias