Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Florida -- Interview

Florida is nice this time of year, maybe the best month to be there. I had a very enjoyable workshop at Art Center Manatee, which is also currently hosting the National Watercolor Society traveling show. Looks like I'll be returning there to do a Photoshop seminar, maybe this year. I met Anne Abgott, reunited with some familiar faces, and then spent the rest of the week seeing friends.

Artist Jeanette Jobson does very cool work, much of it using the Japanese technique of fish printing (gyotaku). She also maintains a popular blog and writes a monthly art newsletter. She includes an interview with other artists in each newsletter, and I appeared in the December edition. I really appreciate being asked, and admire artists who support other artists - thanks Jeanette!

Read interview here (scroll down).


RH Carpenter said...

I was beginning to think we had to send out the posse after you! Glad to hear you're still kicking - and enjoying the warmth of Florida along with another workshop experience. I read Jeanette's newsletter and interview with you - good stuff! No big bombshells of information, though (you should include at least one that confuses all of your readers in every interview!).

Have a great spring - it's coming soon, I've been told.

Nick said...

Rhonda - you tend to appreciate the beach more when you're 1000 miles from it rather than 1000 feet. Jeanette didn't ask the bombshell question, ie. "what's the secret to success?" Not that I would have replied truthfully, I'm not ready to reveal that one yet - it's too embarrassing! :)

Jean Burman said...

Nice interview Nick...but yes I agree with Rhonda [hi Rhonda btw nice to meet you] a couple of bombshells would have colored it up nicely. I do like your orange t shirt though... and the beach looks just like here only upside down [grin] Okay I'll ask it. What IS the secret of your success? It must be a damned good yarn! ;-)

Nick said...

Jean - oh no, not now, not here! The Secret isn't mine, I heard it and realized it's the key to everything. Make a pot of tea, sharpen some pencils, and you'll work it out in no time!

Jean Burman said...

Okay... what's in the tea? [grin]

William K. Moore said...

Some pretty good coverage in the article Nicholas - "just keep showing up," is sound advice.. and sometimes with a smile when possible. I wonder if we share the same classroom behavior as kids namely: daydreaming, looking out the window and/or watching the minute hand make its glacial rotation. BTW I read some mention somewhere of new workshops added to your calendar - seems like good news with a possibility for hijinks and adventure along the way.