Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sevillana - 92 x 92 cm. - watercolor

Sevillana will be exhibited at the first biennale in Saint Cyr-sur-Mer, France from May 1 - June 19. (see post below) The painting was also recently sold to the Quanhua Watercolour Gallery in Shanghai for its permanent collection. I'm returning to Shanghai in 2012 and look forward to seeing it there. 谢谢你!


Rob Stiphout said...

you sure know how to pick em, Nick. What a terrible place to be in Summer. Sun, beach, art it's tough to be an artist, I'm sure :)

Beautiful artwork, though..!!


RH Carpenter said...

I've been wondering what you were up to, Nick, and now I see - just cranking out another fantatic, unusual, eye-pleasing painting to travel around the world!

Nick said...

Rob - I'm not sure if I can go, still trying to figure that out. The Riviera! I tried to connect to you on Facebook, seems you're MIA. ?

Rhonda - still kickin' but not making the blog rounds as much. So much of it seems to have moved to FB ^^^ and it's impossible to keep up without staring at an iPhone all day. (which I refuse to buy!)

RH Carpenter said...

Nick, so much better to be in the studio creating than online all the time - everyone agrees as they catch up with their emails! ha ha And I forgot to mention what a beautiful girl Larissa is (well, you knew that, didn't you, Daddy?). Next time you're in the area, look me up and we'll share another dessert.

Rob Stiphout said...

don't have a facebook know me...!!

BTW is that your beautiful daughter on the picture? pffff........time flies, man!!


Javier Ona said...

Even I´m living in Cadiz from last 25 years, I was born in Seville.
Your painting is superb. It has a lot of movement and passionate flamenco dance.
I love Olga with the fan and Larissa proudly posing.
Congrats for your new bienal and Shanghai sell.


congratulations nick ....beautiful the superimposition of the two figures merging together... wonderful photo with your daughter .

agus said...

Hello Nick !!!
It´s a magnific work and very and red are inseparable for to give strength ...gretings !!!

Nick said...

Rhonda - we'll make that a date, and yes Larissa is the main focus of attention around here. She has the run of the studio, I ought to post some of her paintings!

Rob - I see a profile on there, but it doesn't appear to be active. ^^^ re Larissa. BTW, got my eye on a nice Triumph bobber, but will probably chicken out. lol

Javier - I'm almost embarrassed to have a real figure painter see this, and one from Seville at that!!! (I told this website about you the other day: Muchas gracias for the nice words, I hope we meet up again soon.

Jane - I'm still not sure if they're merging, separating, overlapping, see-through, etc...hopefully it doesn't matter. :)

Agus - nice to see you amigo, yes the black and red are difficult to avoid with this subject - but who would want to?!

Nancy Goldman said...

Another great painting Nick. I really like the movement you create with your technique and the colors are so rich.
Your daughter is beautiful. How nice to have such good company in the studio. I have my dog (which is great) but with him, our conversations are pretty much one sided. He seems to agree with everything I say though.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations, Nick! This painting certainly is fascinating...great composition!

Nick said...

Nancy - nice to see you, and yes it's wonderful having Larissa around the studio - except that she often tries to commandeer the painting table and my brushes. She has her paints, paper, and brushes, but apparently Papa's are preferable! She's a very good artist for a 6 yr old, one of these days I'll post some her serious work. heheh :)

Christiane - I was trying to get the juxtaposition of the images to work, and balance the interesting elements in each figure so that they both had something unique. Obviously the right figure is dominant, and the left is more of a foil. I also thought the blue reflections on her skin put her in a different space. Thanks for the visit,I'm out of town right now doing a workshop and will catch up with the blogworld when I get home.

William K. Moore said...

Hey Nicholas - you back from TX? Love the new painting of your favorite lady. Nice touch using a double exposure. The construction and technique exemplify the Simmon's touch in spades. I like that you work on a large scale - it certainly produces a dramatic effect which enhances the overall. Handle this one with care -

David Burge said...

This is a magical work Nick!
I'm floored!
Such a gorgeous subject however inspires your greatest works!

Nick said...

Bill & Dake - I hope you both know how much your opinions mean to me, you're two of my all time best friends and two amazing artists and intellects. You're never far from my thoughts, in the studio or out.
I'd write more, but I'm just lving for the airport to head home and see the girls. Spasibo tovarish(s), vash droog Nick.