Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hot Plate Boogie!

Here's a funny song I wrote a long time ago in about 30 minutes. Recorded it the next day with my buddy Duane Freeman, who put down a very entertaining vocal. Finally got around to making a video. Crank it and smile!

Hot Plate Boogie (words, music, all instruments by Nick Simmons)

My mama never cleans but Lord she loves to cook all night
No huffin' or a-puffin' or a rubbin' and a-dubbin' in sight
She just stand up in the kitchen hopin' everything will be alright

You see the rent's not paid so they took it all away, dunno where
Except for the kitchen you'd be bitchin' that there ain't nothin' there
But my baby sees it different and at dinnertime she don't care

She do the Hot Plate Boogie
And it goes somethin' like this

The children got no shoes so they gotta walk to school real slow
When in times of trouble it's their stomach that's the last to know
She says a well-fed baby never worries where the money goes

Well she should be cryin' but my baby will be fryin' tonight
Pork chops, green beans, anything you like she just might
That ol' hot plate glowin' and a-smokin' to my baby's delight

She do the Hot Plate Boogie
And it goes somethin' like this


RH Carpenter said...

Gotta get me some of them pork chops and greens!! Thanks for sharing this - it's a lift to the day!

Michele said...

Loved it, Nick...keep 'em coming! One of these days I've got to sign up for lessons. Last time I took some was probably 20 odd years ago-don't think I remember too much.

Guess what? Just received confirmation of signature status in the North East Watercolor Society! Got to go paint...


Nick said...

Rhonda - anything you like, she just might!

Michele - that's good NEWS! lol

Kasturi said...

Brilliant! Loved it!

Nick said...

Thank you Kasturi, I think it's a fun song, and I found some good photos to go with it. :) And nice to see your blog entry about our young friend, Nicholas Pegu. Bravo!

Kasturi said...

@ Nick.. I have been in touch with Nicholas and can feel his sincerity and passion. So I featured him:)