Sunday, October 7, 2012

FWS, SDWS, Belgium, Shanghai, NWS

Demo at Florida Watercolor Society - Orlando, Sept. 15

Lots of judging and workshops recently.  In San Diego I did a workshop, lecture, and judged their 32nd Annual International Exhibition. Very tough choices, many of the best painters in the business participate in this major show. I also judged the Florida Watercolor Society annual, another major that attracts big name watercolorists. FWS puts on a convention that draws hundreds of people, this time to the DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando. A large workshop, private critique sessions, a slide critique of the entire show, a lecture/demo, and I also played a short concert at the gala. A huge week!

Mennello Museum, Orlando

I had three paintings in the first Biennale Internationale d' Aquarelle  which took place through Catherine De Ryck's organization at Chateau de Bourgogne in Belgium. See a television clip with Catherine talking about my work. (merci!) Then back to Shanghai for another round of judging for that biennial.  Escoda was there and in the lounge of the Royal Tulip Hotel showed us how they make brushes by hand. On the way home I stopped in California to attend the opening of the National Watercolor Society exhibition and accept the Masters Award for Tsarina.

                                       Tsarina - Masters Award, National Watercolor Society 2012


David Lobenberg said...

Holy sh--t! How do you find the time to paint? I just saw a few of your Youtube ad/demos and an electric guitar playing piece. Both very impressive. . . and . . . you write (my dvd endorement) and public speak VERY well! I look forward to seeing more Simmons H2o's and guitar playing on your future Youtube, Facebbook and blog posts. You are one busy boy, dude!

RH Carpenter said...

Busy busy and successful artist; I hope you are having a ball!

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Always an inspiration! Thanks for taking the time to share your fabulous experiences.

Rajeev Mohan said...

Nick, thanks for sharing your experiences!
And thank you for dropping by my blog and your encouraging words.

Nick said...

David - new things ahead - new agent, fewer workshops, more paintings, new horizons I hope. It would be nice if we run into each other again and have more time to hang out.

Rhonda - time to raise the bar again, reinvent the wheel!

Tonya - if you do your own thing and not get too distracted, good stuff can happen!

Rajeev - that's what it is, sharing the experience. some try to characterize it as "marketing" but that's code for "you're really not that good." Beware the wannabes!