Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Biennale de Narbonne 2012

Self Portrait: Breathe at Chapel of the Pénitents Bleus

Association Aud'Aquarelle presented the Biennale Internationale d'Aquarelle in Narbonne, France, October 3-28. The exhibition comprised the work of thirteen invited artists and a number of others who applied, spread across seven historic venues in the city. Several hundred people attended the opening, and combined with the other events, a total of 33,000 visitors.

It was very nice to see Breathe displayed in the chapel, along with five other paintings of mine. I'm sorry prior commitments prevented me from attending, but if I'm lucky enough to be invited again, I will surely be there!

The Art of Watercolour has a feature about the exhibition in the current issue, and included a photo of the chapel paintings, as well as Xin Jin #4

A huge merci beaucoup! to the Aud'Aquarelle committee, Inger and Anders Myren, Janine Gallizia, and the dozens of volunteers and sponsors (including Escoda) who made the event such a success.


RH Carpenter said...

What a gorgeous setting! Congratulations, Nick and Happy Christmas to you and your's.

Nes said...


Nick said...

Rhonda - yes, quite a place, sorry to not be able to attend. happy holidays to you

Nieves - thanks, and congratulations on your shanghai painting!


incredible setting for your paintings nick ...look foward to reading the article ..i have only just recently subscribed to the art of watercolour it's excellent ...congratulations nick quite a year for you !

Nick said...

Jane - next year will be better, I going to buckle down and get serious!

Kwegyir said...

Aye-koo Nick!!!

Nick said...

Hello Jonathan, and thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to our inevitable meeting!

fabien Faure said...

Hello Nicholas,
I am from Narbonne and I handled some of your paintings,last October, with much care!!
I have a great admiration for your work and the way you talk of it