Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cinema Paradiso

Music by Ennio Morricone from the Giuseppe Tornatore film, Cinema Pardiso. This is an arrangement I made of the main theme and love theme. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it -- the last scene is surely one of the most beautiful ever. Also, don't miss another Tornatore/Morricone masterpiece, Malena, my favorite movie of the past decade.
* * *
I'm headed this week to Krakow, Poland. My next post should include some photos of that magical city, where much of the world's attention has recently been focused. To na razie!


perugina said...

I strongly agree with you that the last scene in Cinema Paradiso is one of the most beautiful.. those flashing images and music combine to truly tug at the heart strings, as you have with your rendition here - it has bought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for sharing..
Una parola solamente - bellissimo!

William K. Moore said...

Nicholas - this looks like recent Nick - you playing again? My son and I both enjoyed your playing.. and the song. Gray squirrel awaits with the specially marked attaché.

Mike said...

Wow!! I had a lump in my throat while watching and listening, Nick! Very moving! Thanks for sharing this . . . . .I am in awe!

Have a great trip to Poland.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nick for giving us back to that scenes, A great arrengment and performance.

SKIZO said...


wayne said...

Beautiful arrangement of this music Nick and awesome acoustic guitar playing -- loved my listen tonight!
I think i'm attracted to a lot of music with a depth of emotion which this music certainly has. Great vid and recording. Really enjoyed this,, fantastic!
cheers, wayne

Nick said...

PG- I forgot about this post! Yes that last scene is unforgettable. By the way, that is one of the few films that I feel the director's cut is inferior to the edited version. That extra 20 minutes is completely superflouous IMO, and that part of the story required no explanation. Also felt the last scene should have taken place in his old bedroom at his mother's, on his old projector...though some adjustment re the film size (8mm>16 or 35) would needed to have been worked out. The other great Tornatore/Morricone collaboration, "Malena," is perfect in every way, wouldn't change a thing...even if I could.

Bill - yes Bill, did this hand is coming back to life after surgery a few years unhappy chapter in my life. BTW, the rendezvous was successful!

Jose - nice to see you amigo, and gracias!

Mike - thanks for stopping by, and sorry I didn't get a chance to jam a bit at did bring your bongos didnt' you? :)

Alex - it doesn't surprise me a guy of your Latin movie star looks goes for this - you guys invented the genre1


Wayne - I hope you know the film..if not, perhaps ignore my comments above. And check out Pat Metheny's recording of this with Charlie Haden on "Beyond the Missouri Sky" - not enough stars for that one.