Friday, June 28, 2013

New Website

Thank you to the TillerWilliam agency for getting this new website developed. Events will now be listed on this blog or my Facebook pages.


aariho said...

I love to follow Your New webside!

Tony A. said...

Nice site Nick, however there's no link to your blog on there. Great stuff!

Jean Burman said...

Love the new look Nick... it's clean fresh and lets your artwork do the talking. As Tony says though... a link to your blog would be great [although I found you here via Events but that was kinda by accident I think] Anyway... great website congrats :)

Anonymous said...

I will be down in French Catalonia when your are doing your course in Barcelona. I came across your picture purely by chance; I think your art is fantastic, Can we buy prints? I love 'La Vida Breve' I would love to buy the real picture but I don't think my wage would suffice.

Marvellous work and beautiful, keep it up.

Daz W