Monday, December 17, 2007


I mentioned posting work never seen on my website, and here we go: this one is so old it's not even funny....according to the records we started keeping way back when, it's the 135th watercolor I did. Ancient history. When Peggy Patrick, former Director of the Des Moines Art Center (home to one of the two or three greatest Sargent portraits) saw it, she told my mom to get serious about keeping track of my work. So she did, because I was too busy being a long-haired guitar-playing beach bum in Florida. Yep, she was my agent, manager, and CFO for a long time. Thanks Mom!

This picture came to mind because this is pretty much how it looks around here right now. The only brightening factor - the Christmas lights people have put up. We have them too, but I dare say a more tastefully restrained display. I have a friend who has struck on a theory which proves the inverse relationship between education/taste/wealth and the number of lights and plastic Santas festooning the neighborhood.
Hmmm, I should be smarter.
Taste better.
Filthy rich.


RH Carpenter said...

Hey, Nick!! Just found out you have a blog from your "tag" from Nancy Standlee! Now get some of those wild ideas and thoughts down on paper for posterity, as well as showing off more artwork, old and new :) And have a great holiday season (how about a pic of those over-done, over-blown, crazy holiday lights?)

Ron Morrison said...

Everybody around here gets pretty well lit, how does that factor in?

William K. Moore said...

Hi Nicholas.. I lika da ol' style - pretty good. Very cool (warm) painting with the nicely abstracted shapes. You've decorated your site very avant. Will be a pleasure to frequent.

Sandy said...

I like watercolour no.135 have such talent evident even back then. I hope we get to see more of your early work....

Michelle Himes said...

Hi, Nick! I have Rhonda to thank for alerting me about your blog. I have it bookmarked now so I don't miss a thing.

It looked like that around here yesterday too. Now it's just the old brown/gray snow at the curbs and ice on the driveway kind of thing.

Good that your Mom kept track of your earlier work.

Dawn said...

Hi Nick, I think your number 135 is lovely. your blog is great! You have so much talent, feel like sending some my way?

thanks for sharing!


perugina said...

That's 3 days in a row... now don't get addicted!

Great painting NNG!

Love your work!
Love the hair!
Love everything!

On the subject of Christmas Lights... WHAT!... al La Griswalds is out of fashion? I know, you hate that too!

Nick said...

Rhonda - posterity....yeah, or until the servers implode and the world runs out of kilobytes - have you heard?

Ron - gettin' lit and putting up Xmas lights might factor ya out...for good.

Bill - smooth so far, but I just learned the headaches of formatting here, made inextricably worse when trying to add lots of pictures to a post. And I thought this only happened in Dreamweaver. Might have to go with being a roadhog and drive everything down the center, HOV.

Sandy - it's one of those early ones that doesn't hurt too badly!

Michelle - sounds like a real Winter Wonderland, ha...hate to see dirty snow before February.

Dawn - is there such thing as a carrier raven?

Perugina - I've just been waylaid by nonsensical formatting glitches, could spell the end of this endeavor. Or inspire an entry on the evils of HTML. Speaking of hair....

perugina said...

Don't talk to me about formatting gliches...Talk to the hand... I have my own probs over my way... have been trying to work them out all day!

How about dropping in on my know the number!

Oh, and you were going to say about the hair...It's humid "down here!"

It's my natural look! I say, "Do it to yourself... before the weather does it to you!"

Can you get rid of your avatar... it's way too hot!


Hi Nick! I got here through Nancy Standlee. I must say it's a great job! If it's so old, I wonder how it is your work now!
It's curious to hear about the cold snowy white xmas you have up there, here in Brazil it's such heat!

Nick said...

PG - I'll head over's going to be tough to keep this going daily, too much going on. And I ran into a major formatting problem with this editor that is as mysterious as anything this side of Machu Picchu. I could have made 10 posts in the time it took me not to make one. Grrrrrrrrrr. Dorky new avatar comin' right up.

Hello Luciano, nice to meet you, and nice to know another friend of Nancy's. I'll never get used to the idea of summer down there while it's winter here. Is that Thelma and Louise you're driving off that cliff with? Hope you buckled up. Saludos

perugina said...

You are a man of many talents!
Sure you can keep up with the daily Blog, paint, teach, attend opening nights, sing, play the guitar, the only thing you’ll have to stop doing is “SLEEP!”

You need to keep your legions of fans informed.

Do what I do… for formatting problems…

Type it into a word program the way you want it spaced out and copy into the post!

Sometimes it works for me.

What me to courier that strap-on?
For the computer that is!


Like the color, Nick ,

Nick said...

PG - formatting problems seem to be a way of life here, judging from the help forum. I'm not the only one. They need to work the bugs out of the editor, thought it would have been foolproof by this time.

Jimbo - didn't know you were on here! be right over to check out out

WHSIII said...

Hi,Nick... Glad I found your blog-I've missed reading your comments and seeing what you are up to now. WC has been a little lack luster of late.I haven't painted anthing in a while as I have been concentrating on photography. Viewing your work always helps to inspires me to paint.
It's good to see Dake here... his comments always make interesting reading.
Good luck with this site. I'm sure I'll come back often to see what's happening.
#135 is a lovely soft painting with lots of "feel", a foreshadoing of the great things to come.


Nick said...

Bill - Hello, and sorry I didn't see your post before. Wondering what great paintings you've got going these days. Yep, WC is the worst I've ever seen it...I'm afraid the moderation and rules there drove off most of the interesting artists. I hear that a lot from people. But that doesn't mean it couldn't recover, and I hope it does under the new management. Stop by again, good to hear from you!