Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Fresh Sushi" - 2007 National Watercolor Society

2007 was a good year for me in watercolor: among other things, I had a great six-page feature in Watercolor Magic magazine, shot my first DVD for Creative Catalyst Productions (more on that soon), ran some very successful workshops, became sponsored by Da Vinci Paints, made new friends and business relationships, and most notably, won the top award at the National Watercolor Society 87th Annual Exhibition. I would be remiss if I didn't recap that experience in this blog.

"Fresh Sushi" hanging in the gallery of the
Brea Civic and Cultural Center.

"Fresh Sushi" was one of 100 paintings selected for the exhibition from an international field of approximately 1200 artists. The jury of selection was Jean Grastorf (won this award in 1997), Betsy Dillard Stroud, and George James (won in 2001). The juror of awards was Maureen Bloomfield, former editor of The Pastel Journal, and for many years the senior editor of Watercolor Magic. Her art criticism has appeared in Artfourm, ARTnews Dialogue, New Art Examiner, and Sculpture. She is currently editor of The Artists' Magazine. Her remarks:

"I loved the unparalleled exuberance of Fresh Sushi: the headlong,confident use of watercolor; the interplay between neon colors and rich darks and between overt and supressed images; and the chaotic but utterly convincing composition. Fresh Sushi was breathtakingly beautiful and it filled me with joy. I kept coming back to it, and each time I looked, I saw more."

Other award winners included many of the biggest names in contemporary watercolor such as John Salminen, Guan Weixing, Cheng Khee Chee, etc. Photographs from the awards event can be seen HERE.

"Fresh Sushi" was purchased for the National Watercolor Society Permanent Collection, and is the cover image of the 2007 NWS catalog. It will be part of the 2008 Traveling Show, visiting museums around the U.S. (see schedule in November update HERE). The painting was also featured in magazines, newsletters, newspaper, and websites.

Winning this award is an incredible honor, and I thank the countless people who have extended their congratulations and best wishes.

Watercolor Artist magazine February 2008 issue - Best in 2007.


Anonymous said...

spectacular painting! great year. so much fun.

i bet 2008 will be even better for all of us (good ones). hee hee.

Ron Morrison said...

Congratulations on a year to remember. I would like to thank you for taking the time, during what must have been a very busy time, to say hello on my blog and via email. I appreciate it very much.

Michelle Himes said...

You had an awesome year, Nick. Waiting to see what 2008 brings you.

Nick said...

Thanks you guys...hope everyone turns it up a notch or two, takes a detour from the beaten path...something new, something different, something individual. Most people out there are trying to paint like someone else, and it's a dead end. Do your own thing and you'll have no one to answer to but yourself, Friend-O!

William K. Moore said...

Nicholas.. not a bad accounting of a terrific year. Been a good 365 and lots of fun riding the trail with you from L.A. The bar was set pretty high in '07... so the gauntlet is now thrown down for '08... Okay- let's not everyone knock our heads running to pick it up... Why I oughta.... cheers all!

Rob said...

My God Nick, "among other things"!!! I would be happy this all would happen during my lifetime....hehehe!!

Best wishes for 2008...

Nick said...

Bill - we both have gauntlets to pick up, goals to reach, summits to will be nice to have reliable partner on the other end up of that rope! Pow-wow at base camp tonight, be there.

Rob - I know a few Robs...please unmask yourself!

Anonymous said...

A sensational year by anyones standards in the watermedia business.
Can't say I didn't see it coming though Nick. I'm sure you recall my prophesies since about 04.
Well done dear friend!
I suggest we continue to keep strapped in nice and tight for the skies ahead.

NAMM just around the corner should be a cork popper!!

Happy Christmas to you, Olga and Larissa

Nick said...

Dake - I'm not sure if my recent history would have taken the same course had I not crossed paths with you a few years ago. Your talent with the paint brush and written word combined with that uniquely individual point of view, has provided untold inspiration, direction, entertainment, and cause for reflection. Yes, I'll get a chance to hang with some heavyweights at NAMM, but the celebrity I'm really looking forward to finally meeting - hopefully this year - is the inimitable, the loved and feared, the one and only, the Thunder From Downunder!
The three of us send our best wishes for a happy Christmas 14 hrs ahead to you, Jen, Ryan, Danyon, and the precious Erin.
Vash droog, Nicolai

Anonymous said...

Nick, 'Rob' is Rob Stiphout from the country below the sea level....well, at least parts of it!!

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!

Nick said...

Rob S. - thanks for stopping by, and keep up the great painting - "Loss" is an incredible piece!

Silvina - thank you so much for the thoughtful post, and I wish the same for you...your painting is getting more dangerous by the day, I think this will be a good year for you. Maybe we can get together with Hef again next month, let's try to pull that off. :)

netty said...

Congratulations on your award Nick!!! It has been a wonderful year for you :)
I visited your blog Via PG's blog :) my fellow Aussie artist,and wonderful friend too... but I do rememeber looking at your work from WC when I visit the watercolour forums.. !!!
Have a wonderful New Year and all the best for your 2008 art adventures :)

Nick said...

AM - thank you for the visit, I recognized your photo from your blog...great pastel work, beautiful children, too!

pescador said...

hi nick
congratulations for the big success in 2007, that sushi painting is beatiful...

Nick said...

Pescador - Muchos gracias, I believe I have seen you over in Sr. Moore's barrio. I'll check out your site - unfortunately my Spanish is nada - and with no excuse, having heard perfect Castillian Spanish all day everyday for 6 yrs. One of the great American deficiencies: monolingualism. We're making up for it though, our 3 yr old daughter is speaking wonderful Russian. Dosvidania!