Friday, January 18, 2008

Agony and the Ecstasy - NAMM Day 2

90,000 people in the most bizarre modes of dress (and undress), wild hairstyles, quirky behavior...non-stop music of all kinds coming at you from every direction for 8 hrs....lights, effects, eye-popping displays...bona-fide rock, pop, and jazz stars and thousands of wannabes clamoring for a look, a snapshot, an alls add up to an assault on the senses such as you don't get anywhere but NAMM.

Pandemonium reigned today as hundreds of people converged on the Dean booth to meet their favorite metal stars, and the Tommy guitar attracted an interesting cross section, from those who actually saw him perform and even met him, to those who have only heard about the legend and want to know more: people who want to know if he really did jam with Hendrix when he was 17 at the Denver Pop Festival (true); whether he really was buried wearing Jimi's ring (also true), and myriad other stories that are the stuff of rock history, dreams, and lore .

Johnnie and I were interviewed for a live broadcast on the Dean website (scroll down to Tommy Bolin Tribute Guitar).

Johnnie signing more autographs and showing people the Tommy triple-disc CD that was released three days ago (good timing for us!) on Friday Music, The Ultimate: Redux.

Nick, David Hare, my old friend Craig Erickson, Johnnie, John Herdt (webmaster for Tommy Bolin Archives site).

Most important: the "Teaser" is selling! And some more great news - Jude Gold, editor of Guitar Player Magazine stopped by the booth and is going to do a feature on Tommy (he was on the cover of GP last February). Yeah!!!


perugina said...

The photos really show off the atmosphere surrounding you… 90 000 people is HUGE!

You guys over there have all the fun!… Looks like music fans here ‘downunder’ have missed out on a very special event!

I am so happy that the ‘Teaser’ is doing well. What’s the expression an ‘AXE’ worth having… I wonder what it would look like alongside my black ‘BABY GRAND' in the parlour?

Anonymous said...

totally awesome dude, tommy was the best and this guitar is rockin'!!!! we saw glenn hughes perform last night and we met him, sez he's coming to the booth today...peace

Nick said...

PG - you would have fit right in!

Anon- met The Voice for the first time