Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sensory Overload - NAMM Day 3 & 4

Elliott Rubinson and Nick with the finished product.

Four days of this is about the limit. Saturday was incredibly busy with another onslaught of fans descending on the Dean booth - definitely the most, shall we say, colorful congregation at the show. We were interviewed by an LA area rock cable network, and I was interviewed by Lacey Conner for the live broadcast. It ended yesterday at 5 PM and then we headed over to the Hilton which was jampacked.

The guitar made a real hit here, and the memorabilia display will be traveling on to Germany for the Frankfurt show in March. Plenty of orders were taken for the Teaser, and I expect we'll be doing another run of this edition and another model based on the Dean Z shape which is like the Ibanez Destroyer that Tommy used for slide playing.

Spending the day with Johnnie and friends at Venice and Santa Monica, then the Rainbow tonight. Tomorrow I'll try to hook up with my friend Bill Moore and maybe I'll have some pics from that.

A chip off the old block?

With Gen, my favorite Genitorturer.

With Lacey Conner of VH1 fame, the hardest-working girl at NAMM!


William K. Moore said...

Nicholas I can see you have your work cut out for you to measure up to your dad. Again great pics and I'm getting a contact buzz from all this excitement. Great that your guitar design is being well received and orders written. Congrats on having had a successful show - beyond expectations.

perugina said...


I am sitting here at my computer absolutely gob smacked!

You know what I'm talking about!

You must have known that particular picture would have a seriously detrimental effect.

NNG with the real G! OMG! and I don't mean GOD!

Anonymous said...


Where can I apply to get a job like yours :)

"The Chief"

Dawn said...

Congratulations Nick. looks like fun!

Nick said...

Bill - had a blast with you the other day, let's do it again - next stop, Chicago!

PG - not quite the real Gene, but close enough for a photo op! I did get some questions along the lines of "are you the REAL Nick Simmons????" To which I anwered, "of course - the other is an impostor"

Chief - you really should and deserve to have been there. What are you doing in March - sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Dawn - if you know someone who can get you in, don't miss one of these shows - it's a riot

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was quite a hand you played there Simmo.

BTW that was a fake licker hanging out of that dudes gob right?

What's next...?

$3185 will buy Teaser...converted to Australian S that's around 4,500 with insurance and shipping...import duty not included....maybe I can't afford one :~

Nick said...

Dake - that was a plastic tongue, but it was startling. And a little gross. I don't know if the real Gene was there (I'm still getting questions about him being my dad!), but I did see Paul Stanley...was never a fan, but...whatever. List price on the axe doesn't mean much...street price here will be $2200-2500, a good deal for such a great handmade piece.