Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mne Nravitsa

Famous Russian song. Olga and I recorded this a while back, and I really love how she sings it. "Мне Нравиться" на слова Марины Цветаевой из К/ф Ирония судьбы или с легким паром!


Sandy said...

Very nice! Great to listen to and great to watch!You are a talented couple! Now, I wonder what talents Larissa will display...artist , dancer, musician or all of those?

Don Gray said...

Beautiful. I love it!

Dawn said...

this is great! you two are wonderful together.

Billie Crain said...

Nick, Olga has a wonderful voice! care to translate the title and Russian words in your post? Babel Fish murdered the translation.:(

Ruth Ann Greenberg said...


I loved that song!! It was very emotional. Has Olga sung professionally?

Ruth Ann

Nick said...

Sandy - glad you like it..Larissa is doing all of those things - the house is a mess, but it's worth it!

Don - appreciate you dropping by, spaseebo

Dawn - a couple that makes music together, stays together....right?

Billie - it's from a popular 70s Russian film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" and the song was sung by Alla Pugacheva (words by Marina Tsvetaeva)

Ruth - she did lot of dancing, but no professional singing. It's a beautiful song and we were both happy with that particular take.

William K. Moore said...

Excellent both of you! Olga can really sing and make the Russian language sound beautiful. I like her look at that time too.. reminds me of a French girlfriend from long ago.. my first introduction to the exotics of the world. Your playing is fantastic with some real cool fret-work towards the end. A small confession.. Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle really turned me on as a kid... and maybe even now. The other music selections were also great listening.

Noah said...

Awesome! 3:32-3:36 sounds like the James Bond theme ;-)

Nick said...

Bill - appreciate you taking the time to stop by while on your Windy City mission. She does have a bit of the Claudine Longet thing going on here...and I remember Natasha - how did Boris ever land a babe like that??? Raskolnikov!

Dr. Feldman - such a gas to see you and Marc after so many years, thanks so much for stopping by in SRQ! (I'll be putting a post up soon that might interest you, stay tuned) Yep, that 5, #5, 6, #5 motif is the Bond signature...and btw, "From Russia With Love" is probably the best Bond flick. Connery, of course, and the incredibly beautiful Italian actress Daniela Bianchi as the incredibly beautiful Russian spy, Tatiana Romanova. Боже мой!

Anonymous said...

Superb, nice theme, great interpretations both of you!!, I knew your gift but Olga´s voice really surprises me!!! Love it!!! she remembers me some old Francoise Hardy songs, which means a lot to me. Congrats.

joel said...

cool stuff nick and olga. so rich. reminiscent of so many things for me - yet original.

i am sorry to be scarce. i have lost my teacher - and i am wandering in the void at the moment. i will re-group. all will be well.

-- Joel.

Nick said...

Hello Alex and Joel, thanks for stopping by!

Jenny said...

Beautiful! Thank you for putting this on your blog.

Anonymous said...

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