Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Website

My website has undergone a complete renovation. The site is designed with the same look as the ads that will be running in American Art Collector. It's still under construction, and probably will be for the next month or so. Workshop information, links, etc. will be sublinked from the main pages. Please visit!


wayne said...

Hi Nick!

I visited your website late last night (our time) --before you posted the current note on your blog. Saw the 'new look' based on your upcoming ad in AAC! It looks great and I see you've composed it well so as to be pleasing in the 1024x768px screen format. Like the open space on the pages so images can 'breathe'. A very cool contemporary site design! Also noticed a few formatting changes on your blog! The giclée images look really sharp on my monitor + great colour too!

Wishing you every success,


Dawn said...

looks great Nick!

Robin Purcell said...

I Love the colors on this and congratulations on the PWS AWard

David Burge said...

I like the new layout as well. Navigation is very easy, colour
tasteful, and as Wayne says the images of your work look sharp and vibrant.
You'll have to put the links pages back soon though otherwise my website will get no traffic. heheh(wish I was joking)

William K. Moore said...

As the others have indicated here Nicholas.. the site is attractive and easy to move around in. Your selection of paintings are well organized and color coordinated. Also I want to congratulate you on the upcoming Watercolor article .. to the top and beyond!

Nick said...

Wayne - it was time to go with a different look, now just have to get some of the content back up. I had to get a new version of Dreamweaver, and still muddling through that. Thank goodness for my web guy Derek!

Dawn and Robin - thanks, and drop by anytime, no need to call first!

Dake - I need the links too...I was trying to keep the menu as minimalist as possible, and will probably put links and workshop stuff on the artist page.

Bill - problem with a new site is I tend to change my mind about it after it's up. I do have different versions of the homepage I can swap out to fit with whatever pic is on there.

joel said...

cool website nick. black is very much the new black in web design.

workshops in australia would be very much a feather in your cap - you know. melbourne, australia that is. and/or perth.


-- Joel.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I just saw the announcement that our local museum, West Valley Art Museum, will be showing the traveling exhibit for the NWS that features your award-winning "Fresh Sushi" painting starting October 31. I will HAVE to pop in and have a look-see at your wonderful painting IN PERSON! I'll let you know when I go, I am so looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
Definitely like your new classy website, very minimalistic, very zen.
Your paintings really pop out against the dark background..!!

Anonymous said...

Nick ,Congratulation on your being chosen as a Finalist in "The Artist" !!!Roll, Roll !!

Nick said...

Joel, I heard pink is the new black, but it didn't look good on the homepage.

Susan, there are some great paintings in that show - a couple of masterpieces by Cheng Khee Chee and Guan Weixing.

Rob, get the blog going!

June,are we both going to end up in a magazine together again this year???