Thursday, January 15, 2009

PVW Awards 2009

The awards reception for the 35th Anniversary Exhibition of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists took place tonight at Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda. It was a bitterly cold night, but there was a very good turnout - lots of fur coats, high fashion, and my wife even wore her chapka. I gave a brief talk, and then 21 awards were given out. Seen above is Elaine Hoffman with her remarkable painting Face Off, which I awarded first prize. It is a marvel of transparent watercolor painting, rendered in a loose but utterly commanding and convincing style. The palette is superb, the composition killer, and the picture truly transcends the rather unexpected subject matter (hockey players). I wish I had painted it! There are many very fine name painters in this organization, so there was plenty of first rate competition. Congratulations to Elaine, and thanks to PVW for inviting me to judge. The workshop I'm doing in conjunction with this show takes place January 23-24 in Alexandria. It's full but there is a waiting list - contact Marilyn Milici for information.


David Burge said...

HI Nick, good to see your high talents at being recognized and drawn upon by the community around you.

William K. Moore said...

As I write this I imagine you running about your studio to get things in order for the sold-out workshop. The idea of an artist being supported by the public based on good work, knowledge, ability to communicate, and nice clothes is something to be practiced more ... especially in the States. That your "art" judgment is respected Nicholas is apparent and the PVW is one indication.

Nick said...

Dake - anxious to catch up on the latest from Alice Springs. Has to paint a better picture than here, but Tuesday we finally turn over a new leaf!

Bill - I didn't get hit over the head with any folding chairs, but I'm sure there are people who strongly disagree with some of the judging. But I looked and thought hard. Re the clothes angle, maybe a deal with Botany 500 or something - I could wear Wink Martindale's hand-me-downs.

wayne said...

Hi Nick, congrats on being selected to judge the PVW show and all the very best for the forthcoming sold-out Alexandria workshop! Btw, i like the new blog format/layout here, looks great! Take care and best wishes,

Billie Crain said...

it doesn't surprise me one bit that your opinion is well respected, Nick. you've got a good eye for watercolor.

i had to look up chapka on Google. it MUST have been cold that night! i'm trying to picture your wife in one of those. its hard to imagine.

Nick said...

Hello Wayne, need to keep things changing, all the time. (I'm anxiously awaiting your next blog entry!)

Billie, I really like those chapkas, especially on the women! I'll post a pic of that so you can check it out.