Sunday, January 25, 2009

PVW Workshop

Thank you to the 28 members of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists who attended the workshop Friday and Saturday - what a great group of artists and very nice people! Many are advanced painters with signature memberships and lots of experience, and as usual, I probably learned just as much, if not more, than they did. Once again, Da Vinci Paint generously supplied free triad samples of their fluid acrylic, and everyone was impressed by the vibrance and versatility of this totally boss paint. PVW also made me an honorary member which was quite unexpected and much appreciated! Special thanks to Marilyn Milici who organized it, and to the board who invited me to judge the show and conduct the workshop.


William K. Moore said...

Welcome back Nicholas - Nice to have some talent in the crowd eh? .. takes the class in a slightly/greatly enhanced direction. That you have learned new stuff and became a member of the PVW - now that's a 2fer worthy weekend! A good start on month 1 of 12 in the year '09. Best of luck on your newest entry - I gotta good feeling about this one..

Victor F. Retuerto said...

A ver si un dia te animas a hacer algun workshop por España,,amigo Nick. Estoy seguro que disfrutariamos viendote pintar. Un abrazo.

To see if one day you are encouraged to do another workshop in Spain, my friend Nick. I am sure would enjoy watching paint. A hug.

wayne said...

Hi Nick,
..looks like a packed house there (as you said earlier, the workshop was booked out, and rightly so). Whenever i've tried to teach watercolour/art, i always felt that teaching-learning is a two-way street: perspectives need to realign, synchronise, so that communication can be effective in both directions. I know what wk means about "talent in the crowd" -- it can lift an entire workshop and be quite inspiring for all. Congrats on getting the honorary membership in the PVW. i don't know how you get time to update the blogs and do the blog rounds, but congrats all round, cheers,

yoon see said...

Hi Nicholas,
Your artworks are so beautiful!
They are truly feasting to eyes.
Thanks! You have just inspired me to discover & develop watercolour techniques in details.
Keep up your good work:)

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Busy busy busy! Cant wait to see your new paintings!
BTW, just saw your "Falda Levantada" on WetCanvas! very cool, where's that series?

Nick said...

Bill, lots of experienced pros in that group, which makes it kind of nervewracking if you screw up. Came close at one point, but the disaster was averted. A painting saved is a painting earned.

Victor - I would like to visit there soon. I am planning to be in Europe in October, maybe we'll cross paths.

Wayne - discovery is the best teacher, those lessons are never forgotten. I'm sure you'll be getting some more web traffic this week!

Yoon See, nice to meet you and thank you for the comments. I'll check out your blog.

Pablo, I'm doing an article for Watercolor Artist that is connected with that painting, I think it will be in the June issue. I'm looking forward to seeing a feature about you in there soon, I'm sure it can't be far away.